Annabelle was born to the Sinclair family 27 years ago, to her human parents. Her father was a man of the guard, while her mother worked as a maid for the local noble. From the moment of their birth, something about the girl was off, and when the local healers, priests, and wizards examined her it was determined that she was "ill". The exact circumstances of her "illness" were unclear but in essence, her body and mind were somewhat separated. In Annabelle's early years, the problem wasn't as severe, but with time, the separation became more and more pronounced, with her consciousness flickering in and out of her body at random times. New tests were made, and it was discovered that her soul was a vessel to psionic powers far beyond the norm. As the years went by, the blonde girl mostly "existed" in the safeness of her parent's home, her development severely damaged, as she couldn't form any social contacts or experience life as a regular human. Even when her brother was born, she was just in her room, rarely interacting with anyone at all. Many tried to solve the mystery of Annabelle's affliction, people came from far and wide to try their luck and heal the girl, but none could help her. Eventually, her family accepted the fact, that they would have to take care of her for the rest of her life. That was, her parents did. Lance, her little brother, who turned out to be quite adept at magic, quickly began making progress in his studies as soon as he was old enough to begin his work under a mage. While he made himself a name in the nearby area and happily helped other people at no charge, a lot of his free time was spend finding a solution to his sister's problem. It was at this time, that a group of secretive individuals, that called themselves "Elans", approached Lance and promised him a way to cure his sister, at the price of his service to them. Accepting their terms, Lance was remade and became an Elan, his memories clouded by the process that remade him but his abilities amplified. Knowing only that his goal was to solve Annabelle's condition, Lance used his new powers to research it and in this process created many bodies, failed attempts at making one that could withstand the psionic powers Annabelle possessed until he finally had a breakthrough and was able to remake Annabelle, implanting her spirit into the final body. Waking up from her "trance"-like existence, it was hard for Annabelle to adjust to her circumstances, and Lance was nowhere to be found. She had problems interacting with other people and hid in her parent's house most of the first few months. While her body now was able to hold the energies inside her, the affliction had left its scars: Annabelle was emotionally very underdeveloped, having regular anxiety attacks and just general issues with reaction proper to emotional situations. While it took her almost two years to adjust, Annabelle tried her best at learning to direct her powers. Wishing to make up for the time she had lost, wasted at the hand of the strange affliction, the now 26-year-old woman decided to go out into the world, finally able to discover it's beauty and learn how emotions work.


Annabelle is a beautiful young woman of slender and regular height. She has very pale skin, light blue eyes and long blonde hair reaching her shoulders. She is usually wearing some sort of dress or robe, fitting for a person that is magical, or in her specific case psionic, in nature.


Annabelle is very soft-spoken and doesn't make friends very quickly. She is not shy but never learned to make social contacts. Seeing as her development, especially in a social sense, has been severely damaged, she often says things that other people would hold back on. Annabelle speaks her mind and usually doesn't lie, sometimes to the dismay of others.


Serana Wintersea

Serana was one of the first people, that Annabelle interacted with in Babel, and despite both being more or less socially awkward, they became friends rather quickly. They share a lot of similarities and as such understand each other's struggles very well.

Elyn Dayn

The peculiar crafter Elyn helped out Annabelle with some of her more strange orders and quickly became a good friend with Annabelle, due to her careless persona and general upbeat spirit.

Evi de Sangri

Having met Evi during the attack of the Inevitable Hunt on Lalotei, Annabelle only recently got to know Evi more closely during their travels to the desert continent of Eatash Alram.

Under Rework


While originally just wanting to wander around Etera, Annabelle quickly discovered that helping others with her powers was something that brought her happiness. As such, the Psion will try to do the right thing, whenever possible.


Striking the Behemoth

It had been a while since Annabelle last visited Meita, and she tried to keep her distance from the city to make sure her sister, that's what she decided Jenny was to her, could live her life in peace. A small sigh escaped the Psion as her powers carried her closer to the city, where multiple camps had been set up outside of the gate and mobilized troops disturbing the usual calmness of the town in the far north. With Behemoth towering in the distance and the recent news about raiders and invaders, Annabelle decided that is was time for her to put her powers to use, and make sure that none of this trouble would reach the people of Meita, but especially her sister. Landing in one of the central camps full of adventurers and soldiers, Annabelle listened to the different talks going on. Naturally, cultures clashed as people disagreed over how to proceed against the wandering city and its raiders, but there were some points that people agreed on. The soldiers here needed not only supplies like food and equipment, but also training. As the blonde wandered through the camp, someone official-looking caught her attention and it seemed that the other person became aware of her presence as well. "Sorry to bother you Ma'am, but may I have some of your attention?" The young human male wearing a military uniform approached her and saluted. Annabelle barely shook her head, her voice softly speaking. "You do not bother me. How can I help you?" she asked, noticing a large amount of paper this young man held on a clipboard, a bunch of scribbles and notes all over them. "See, I am the appointed delegate for this gathering. I am moving around the camps looking for adventurers like yourself, to see if they have some input on how to resolve this situation. You are..." he flipped his notes several times before looking back to the Psion. "Annabelle Sinclair, correct? You are certainly not unknown around Babel and have contributed to some big things. We like to keep tabs on people like you, Ma'am, in case something like this happens. Any ideas?" Annabelle raised a brow at the information, this man possessed, but as long as nothing malicious was done with it, she was fine. Wasn't it natural that she made a name for herself around Etera? "Well. It appears that quite a lot of people have gathered here to fight against the Behemoth. I suggest using teleportation to get them into position, as soon as a plan of attack has been made. I am sure, there are plenty of adventurers, who could aid in such methods of transportation, and then stay in the backline to aid the assault either by using magical artillery or effects that benefit the soldiers." explained the Psion. "I believe diplomacy has not been successful with the people of Behemoth, correct? If such is the case, the forces should strike with whatever means they have at their disposal. If they rejected a way to avoid bloodshed, they have chosen a way without redemption." Annabelle's voice carried no anger or sadness. It was simply a fact, that if they had chosen not to avoid conflict, they would need to be dealt with by other means.

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