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This page is a recollection of the events of Chapter 1. Contained in this page is a link to a timeline of the events that transpired during chapter 1, a brief overview of the events of chapter 1, and other relevant materials to chapter 1 that may or may not be significant moving forward into chapter 2.

Chapter 1 Summary

After several centuries of peaceful relations between the Verk Empire and its neighboring nations in Etera, one of the many continents of the planet, the ascension of the new Emperor things changed. With the new emperor Tavian Verk in power, the nation rapidly changed into an imperialist power; conquering the entire continent in a matter of years.

After several decades of failed attempts to start a rebellion against the Verk Empire, several smaller rebel forces started to band together to resist imperial oppression. This continued for some time, and on Arodus 29, Year 43 IA, the Verk Empire officially recognized the rebel forces.

With rebel forces pushing back Empire lines, several landmark events occurred. Most notably several Councilmen of the Verk Empire were defeated. In addition to this; the elite force of the Verk Empire, Solaris, were defeated.

Several months into the conflict, something terrible happened. During this time, the Verk Empire turned almost every town they had governance over into undead; with the sole surviving towns being Kazorith the capital and a port town known as Meita. The cumulative damage from this incident and the effects of an Animus Blizzard that destroyed many small northern towns, caused the population of the continent to dwindle into a small fraction of what it once was.

With the Verk Empire's territory reduced to only their capital, the rebel forces planned a multi-pronged strike to end the war. As a desperate maneuver, Emperor Verk sacrificed the population of its capital city, Kazorith. A few thousand were able to escape this fate during an emergency evacuation, but the others perished for the sake of the Emperor's attempt at deification. Despite the overflow of power from the ritual, the heroes sent were able to defeat him, if barely. In the aftermath, his body was carried away by the Goddess of Fortune, Desna.

The Verk Empire was no more, and salvation was brought to the continent at the cost of most of its population. With a destroyed capital, a few remaining towns, and a mysterious tower appearing in Kazorith; the battle was over.

Noteworthy Factions

This resource wiki provides the contents of many factions that either were lost in obscurity, were disbanded, or were defeated. Additionally, other factions that continued on past chapter 1 but were created during its time are listed here, or more important factions such as the Verk Empire.

Verk Empire

Rebel Forces

Independent Factions

Noteworthy Locations and Towns

This resource wiki provides the contents of many towns and locations that faded into obscurity or were destroyed. Additionally, many towns and locations that were created during chapter 1 can be seen below.