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This page is a recollection of the events of Chapter 2. Contained in this page will be a brief overview of the events of chapter 2 and other relevant materials to chapter 2 that may or may not be significant moving forward into chapter 3.

As of this moment the adventurers and world of Babel are actively engaged in chapter 2, and thus this page will be updated periodically to reflect any new changes to the world.

Chapter 2 Summary

With the defeat of the Verk Empire and the loss of so many lives, the people of Etera mourned their losses and focused on reclaiming their razed land. With no uniting government, leadership fell on the higher ups of The Rebellion for guidance for some time. During the first few months most of The Rebellions forces were restructured into servicing the people, with many of them focused on rebuilding the capital Kazorith to its former glory.

Whilst this rebuild happened many mysterious towers started to sprout up from the ground, the first of which neighboring the capital. Many adventurers worked alongside one another to study this tower, and determined that it was emitting a pulse similar to the spell message, but much much stronger. After some time the tower started to leak toxic energy into its surroundings, sending people missing for up to weeks. Adventurers managed to gain entry into the tower and managed to put a stop to it, and while doing so unearthed a mystery that shook the continent.

In the tower, now learned of as the Divination Tower, was records of the creation of this planet and its first civilization. It detailed a powerful mage who descended into the previously undisturbed region, and created hundreds upon hundreds of clones to create a self serving civilization. The group developed to incredible degrees, creating the towers, high magitech items, and buildings of incredible stature. After some time however, they seemingly vanished alongside many of their belongings, leaving The Towers as a remnant of their civilization.

One by one, new towers appeared across the continent, and adventurers continually were sent to investigate. As this happened, the reconstruction of Kazorith was completed and the capital was renamed to Babel. The Rebel Leaders decided that, in an attempt to not create the same mistakes of the Verk Empire, would allow all towns and settlements to be self governing. Babel would continue to be the capital and foremost point of international affairs.

The Towers

Each tower represents a different school or sphere of magic, with new towers arriving at seemingly random intervals. Each of these towers has a unique story to each of them, which are detailed below.

Divination Tower

Mana Tower

Noteworthy Factions

This resource wiki provides the contents of many factions that either were lost in obscurity or disbanded during the events of Chapter 2. Additionally, other factions that continued on past chapter 2 but were created during its time are listed here.

Noteworthy Locations and Towns

This resource wiki provides the contents of many towns and locations that faded into obscurity or were destroyed. Additionally, many towns and locations that were created during chapter 2 can be seen below.