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The Blood Berserkers of War and Conflict

In the Mountains west of the City of Babel, there is a mad Chaotic Evil warrior cult that makes its home there. They are known as the Blood Berserkers of War and Conflict, or Bloodzerkers for short. They are ruthless warriors who want nothing more than to fight. The reason for this is their devotion to their Patron God, a destructive chaotic war god simply known as Vinex. It is said he sits on a throne atop a hill in his realm, where any who die in his service go to continue fighting forever. It is also said that representations of the corpses of each thing killed by his followers are what makes up the ever growing hill the throne sits upon and that the blood from these corpses makes the realm always a mire of blood. In any conflict these crazed warriors get into, it is always left with much death and destruction as their morale knows no limits and they will never retreat from a fight until they or the enemy are dead.


The Former Rebels

The Bloodzerkers have broken any alliance with the former rebels that now make up the new populace. All they want is war and conflict and now are considered to be a hostile bandit force that eludes and eradication either through acts from their god or simply hunkering down in the mountains and being extremely difficult to track down their camps. If they even have any.

Civilians and General Noncombatants.

The Bloodzerkers see non combatants as heavily expendable. They have no value of life at all. Generally they will consider more Collateral Damage to mean they had an even more successful mission. They tend to indiscriminately kill all things in an area that aren't specifically helping them, including things attempt to hide from or flee them.

Conflict with Fort Ragathiel

The Bloodzerkers moving west towards the next conflict of Fair Maiden while also holding various Arenas for fun, ran into the former Fort Maddox, now Fort Ragathiel. They saw the fortified walls and veteran soldiers manning them and declared that the Fort was to be their next great battle. And so it was. They were unsuccessful in taking the fort and for the first time in generations had to make a retreat. This was not a retreat of defeat though, it was a retreat to continue the fight. To extend the conflict with Ragathiel's Faithful for even longer. Many wonder what would have happened if the Bloodzerkers had continued to fight as they normally do, down to the last man. Several suspect that the fort would not still be standing, but neither would any bloodzerkers. Miracles had happened on that battlefield as many of the Bloodzerkers had continued fighting well past the point where they should be dead, their living corpses empowered by their God's favor to continue the fight. With this terrifying new motivation, they would have smashed the defenses in their undying state and leveled the fortress to nothing before finally succumbing to the end of their battle.

It is only by the graces of the Bloodzerkers prophet that they pulled back. No one knows the identity of the individual, but it is said that it is a dragon girl who hears the voice of their God and enacts his will. And it is by his Will that the fight be continued for eternity as a game between himself and the General of Vengeance.