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Here is where we have an overall listing of all the Historical Records in the World of Babel. By which I mean, these are events that have already happened, or are in progress at most. This is not content waiting for you to 'find out' or 'get a sneak peak'. If something interests you, try and follow up with whoever may have created that record, for additional information.

Although this can be contributed by players or staff alike, it'd be best to loop in those who originally made or was involved with the content, in case they may glean some additional insights afterwards, for the sake of the completeness of the records.

We have the following sub-sections, with their own links for further filtering. It is important to note, however, that these are less likely to overlap, given the difference in their sources, but the options can still be expanded upon as needed.

And remember, adding more pages is not limited to just staff. Players can make various entries too.

Downtime Events: This section will contain mostly, if not entirely, player entries to various Downtime Events that had occurred in the past. Some may be isolated pages for a specific event, others may just be linking to their character sheet. The intention is to eventually separate such content from their pages, for preservation of the records individual worth. Future link to page that lists a record of the various events: Event List. This would mention a short description of each downtime event that ever occurred, as well as a link to the details able to be copied back down from the event runner. Then, one would have a link to that particular event's category page for filtering of historical records.

Sessions and Encounters: In here, we would contain the informations of various past sessions and encounters. It is recommended that if an entry is desired, to try and follow up with players and staff who were involved in that particular instance. If none can be found... one can try to glean information... but even real world history can become lost in time, especially as others choose not to record them for future generations. It is unfortunate, but these things can happen. For encounters, thankfully, this is significantly 'easier' to find again, but still difficult without a participant who remembers. Sessions? You need a participant to even figure out where it is in history, let alone parse anything.

Plot Hooks: This focuses more on our plot hooks channel, which is a collection of interactable content ran by staff, for players to involve themselves with. Obviously, one would not put future information in here, but one could record individual player findings, if they so wish, to give more for the others to glean, or examples of how they too could benefit from said plot, just with their own twist on it. This can also include completed Plot Hooks, so that one can look upon what used to be, and potentially no longer exists on our discord, due to the channel being intended to be for currently interactable things.

Miscellaneous History: Here, one would provide any history of what happened in the World of Babel that is unrelated to any of the other categories. Perhaps you wish to transcribe what happened from an author's perspective, as to your character's journey during a timeskip, or you wish to flesh out the world without it having happened in an event, session, encounter, or otherwise. Perhaps it is recording the results of a very impactful roleplay, group or not, that you feel warranted being immortalized in history, rather than lost in the endless flood of text.

Stories: Stories would be where one would put more... in-character kinds of writings. Say you wrote a story or poem, but in the perspective of your character. Or they write some form of entry that is sent out to other peoples characters, like a challenge letter, or a warning. All these more 'in-character' elements, would be in here, and is intended for that more 'personal' feeling in how they are written out, rather than writing like you are recording history books. They can even be full of falsehoods, for all it matters, as long as you make it in the viewpoint of your characters. Just be wary, what you read is therefore, obviously, colored by an opinion, even if its an npc's opinion, rather than entirely factual and objective.

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