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Here is where we have an overall listing of various locations in the World of Babel. This could be a continent, a city, a forest, a cave, anything that might fit one of the categories below, really. If something interests you, try and follow up with whoever may have created that record, for additional information. It is important to remember that the main locational setting is the Material Plane, on planet Chronus, on the continent of Etera, whose capitol happens to be Babel, like the name of our Living World.

Although this can be contributed by players or staff alike, it'd be best to loop in those who originally the entry, so that they are aware of any changes made. If you are the original, you can just not loop yourself in.

We have the following sub-sections, with their own links for further filtering. It is important to note, however, that these are less likely to overlap, given the difference in their sources, but the options can still be expanded upon as needed.

This can and will be changed again in the future, when other planes and continents are fleshed out enough to warrant their own subcategories, but until then, this will do.

And remember, adding more pages is not limited to just staff. Players can make various entries too.

Geography: This section will be the main bulk of options, as it will refer to all the miscellanious mountains, rivers, oceans, forests, caves, and so on, that are not described in one of the other categories. At this time, it would not distinguish further, so there may still be a lot of pages to look through, but it will at least not have the other categories in them.

Planes: Within could be information on demi-planes, actual planes that already have lore in pathfinder that you expanded on, custom planes, or alternative dimensions, and so on. Vaguer in terms of the range in scope, but focusing less on a specific location.

Continents: This will be a naturally sparse section for now, at least in regards to the planet Chronus, where Babel is situated. It will have any continent-sized locations, which could have their own sub-sections in time, but mainly would provide overarching information of a given continent.

Cities: Here would be locations of cities, towns, or otherwise sufficiently populated areas of sentients that are not listed in other portions of the wiki. You would not generally find a Kingdom here, but perhaps individual settlements. Although a majority will likely exist on Etera, the main continent of the World of Babel, it is not limited to just them. You could have them on other continents, planes, underwater, or even a specific planet.

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