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"WIP" - Delvar Starbreaker


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    My fallen kin

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"WIP" - Delvar Starbreaker


Tower of Death

Delvar had only just gotten back from from his expedition to a Tree Tower, full of life and trees and bone-hurting juice, when he heard of another new Tower having risen. One that is much more... immediately in need of being dealt with. Imagine his surprise returning from a place that consumes life to grow, to immediately need to prepare to enter a place that propagates death.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Delvar finds himself with a noticeable influx of orders. It seems he is far from alone in the desire to combat the undead that could break upon our metaphorical shores any day now. During this time, Delvar takes his profits in order to gather sufficient rare ritual materials to have Torag bless his hammer with a wide array of magical properties, with some meant solely to counter undead, or at least target their weaknesses.

Having prepared various customers, as well as having spent a large chunk of his past few months, coincidentally, flooding the common folk's market with metal equipment and raw crafting materials, Delvar decides it is time to practice some of the old habits he swore not to take up against the living ever again... Butchering and crushing the skulls of his enemies in a calm, murderous berzerker rage. (hence his picking specific archetypes of barbarian) Whereas before, he slaughtered the soldiers of the Verk Empire, in addition to his many enemies over the past couple centuries, now he takes up arms against the un-living, to protect life, rather than lash out over the spilled blood of the kin he loved. "Aye can' jus' let dem die... naw agin... nevar agin. Dis beh mah new 'ome naw, till aye c'n bring mah people back ter teh loight... an' inter teh forge o' Torag 'imself. For we ahr DWARVES! We ahr.... Duergar. An' if ah Duergar knows anehthin' it beh ter go SWINGIN'! SWINGIN' TILL TEH ENEMEHS RAHSE NO MORE OR AHR BOOZE RUNS DRY!!!" Delvar laughs uproariously at the idea of the dwarves, of all people, running out of booze. As if they would do something like forget how to breath, or how to forge in the ways of The Father.

In other news, Delvar heard some others had luck in finding old crafting recipes in amongst undead and similar like. These individuals including, but not limited to, an individual named Elorin, who obtained through means unknown, a Death Warden's Bandolier. With it, he is allowing others to obtain a magic he says is called a 'Death Ward' that heavily protects one against just about anything you might worry about when facing the hordes of damned. Not only is the free usage appreciated for its day-long duration, but its wide number of people it applies to each time can be considered extremely beneficial to, in the worst case scenario, stemming the tide of undead we adventurers may encounter when the expedition occurs.

And now... we await the promised time, where we infiltrate the Ghostlands, and hopefully return alive after sealing The Tower of Death. Perhaps one day soon, the land of death may too know peace, allowing its dead inhabitants their final rest. Whether it be resolved naturally, or with a hammer blow that the Gods themselves could feel from within their own domains.

The Defense of Kanaloa and Lalotai

Delvar is working in his personally crafted forge one day, and he hears one of those ‘news’ people yelling in the street, that the tropics are being ravaged by fire elementals. One may think that, as a man of metals and stone, the burning of natural resources wouldn’t matter as much to him, but every material is precious to Delvar, especially lumber, which can be used not only for construction, but to fuel the forges of his kin too, if they so choose. Regardless of the catastrophic material costs their rampage could potentially bring, Delvar is not one for just letting people burn anyways, so he heads off to help the islands.

When he gets there, other than things I will mention later, he makes sure to spend his ‘dailies’ of providing water and food, which he then prestidigitates to flavor them to be much more delicious, even if artificially, so as to ease some of the burdens of the locals and those fighting the elementals. It may only be enough to feed 45 medium creatures a day, but every bit counts here, especially if the fighters need food as soon as possible to get back to the fight.

Among other things, Delvar uses his metal magic a lot to provide more raw material with which to strengthen the structures that would collapse as the fire spreads, hopefully leaving a framework for future rebuilding. After that, he makes generous use of his practiced creation magic, which although quite temporary, costs him nothing to make, even at a slower speed, so as to bridge gaps, allow people to reach places, provide energy to tech devices, etc. Creation magic has a wide versatility, even if he isn’t ‘advanced’ in it in any way.

Since some of the focus appears to have been on the locations of the islander’s healers, he also provides emergency healing services throughout the day, with the worst cases among defenders including him resuscitating them. This does not come without a cost however, as every once in a while, his magic goes… haywire. Not in a way that would kill anyone, but certainly inconvenience temporarily. Delvar apologies with each incident, but considering the good he is doing, and that it is an emergency in an area that doesn’t ban wild magic… he figures they let it slide.

He also offers enhancements that last all day to people’s gear, where they almost are able to reach the highest ‘normal’ limit to which their armor would allow, making the fight, hopefully, less dangerous, to those few he can offer it to. If needed, he asks if anyone is able to transfer magic to him, should one of the things he can do be of greater help than that is usable by the person the magic is transferred from. When his magical resources are basically spent, Delvar just… tries to help in the ways he has left, be it allowing usage of his magical gear, putting out fires with water cantrips, prestidigitation of random stuff for slight increases of convenience, or even just using his magical gloves to put out minor fires directly with his hands.

Striking the Behemoth

Delvar, having been setting up the foundations of his Kingdom in another continent, establishing some Moonsilver Mines, hears some disturbing news. Some massive behemoth-based raiding group has been enslaving and killing untold numbers of people. A request has been made to the leader’s of his kingdom in secret, and in response, Delvar orders a portion of his followers that are on stand-by assist him in dealing with logistics for this threat. The followers he can field number in the tens of thousands, and many of these are crafters and laborers of various fields, allowing for massive speedups of the supply lines, while Delvar himself also steadily supplies the efforts with his food and water magics, ability to create electricity to recharge various technological items, etc. However, there are still massive siege equipment and other such goods that no amount of followers can reasonably help bring sooner. This is where he comes in, Delvar, via magical and technological assistance can carry extreme tonnage of equipment, so that the armies may obtain the railguns, ballista, etc. needed within a reasonable timeframe for this attack.

Next, we have what he can do for fortifications. Among many things, his most important contribution would be that he can permanently increase the durability of, give regeneration to, and give living steel attributes, to any metal permanently. This alone should allow for the various troops equipment to reach a much higher degree of quality, as well as reinforce our position with hardened defenses, slowly being reinforced as we continue forwards. When needed, Delvar may make temporary structures for use of crossing gap or otherwise. By enhancing targets magically with magic being funneled to him by spell caster divisions, he can bestow extremely high levels of enhancements to combat ability as well as magical item qualities to said equipment, stacking with existing magical items as well, for the higher level troops and officers. Furthermore, he protects various individuals going to areas of ‘high levels of elemental activity’ with large quantities of elemental resistance, immunity to breathing, pressure, among other things.

When asked why he continues to do such menial activities, despite being such a famous Adventurer and new Ruler of a Kingdom, Delvar makes mention that power isn’t what made us great, many are unknown who are more powerful, it is what you do that matters to others that counts. What good does being able to destroy a heavenly body alone matter, to the people of our world? Nothing, unless it was known to be harming the safety of the world. It is, however, to be noted that although this point continues further, as larger and more specific words are used, people’s ability to parse what he is saying continues to drop. This confuses those with translation magics, as it would appear the issue is that what is being spoken cannot actually be considered a ‘language’, making it no longer able to parse his voiced thoughts in a meaningful way.

Finally… there is still need for specialty equipment to be made, for the most important surgical strikes. For these, Delvar makes use of his excessive crafting skills to make extremely expensive equipment from the provided supplies, to counter the known types of enemies, such as the behemoth itself.

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♪ Diggy Diggy Hole

(Sober) Delvar Starbreaker's theme song


WIND ROSE - Diggy Diggy Hole (Official Video) Napalm Records

this version is specifically when Delvar swears hes not being a fool, for Official™️ record. (its what I imagine his voice and forgin being like, non-animated)

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