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Eirwenaax - or, less formally, Eirwen - is a Mythic White Dragon who rules an expansive frozen territory as its ruler. Old and strong enough to have surpassed some of the feral traits that white dragons are normally known for, Eirwenaax now seeks to tempt powerful mortals to his side to counteract the growing threat of other figures that stalk the land.

The Ruler Of The Frost

Eirwenaax isn't quite benign as a ruler of his frozen home, but he permits mortals to live under his protection as long as he receives sufficient tributes (including treasure and food). He often walks among them in the guise of a mortal man, enjoying such entertainments as people have brought without demanding awe and reverence every moment of the day. He did that in the past, but got rather bored of it. He is Chaotic Neutral, rather than Chaotic Evil as most of his kin are, largely due to being too disinterested in going out to hurt people.

Getting Eirwenaax As A Mythic Patron

Eirwenaax offers mythic power to individuals willing to serve and protect him and his territory. While he does not demand they remain in his lands every moment, his powers as a patron allow him to summon them to fight intruders. Eirwenaax prefers true neutral, chaotic neutral, neutral evil, and chaotic evil subordinates, but may accept chaotic good individuals if they are sufficiently amusing. He also has a strong preference for those with draconic heritage, dragon-type powers, or a strong theme of ice magic. He detests fire magic and will refuse to be a patron for anyone who even knows how to deal fire damage with magic or their weapons (unless it is extraordinarily weak, such as a cantrip to light a campfire).

In addition to the usual demands of a patron, Eirwenaax forces the Price of Power drawback upon his mythic followers, but gives the Native-Born boon that allows them to survive and move in cold and frozen lands (i.e. his) like they'd been born in them.