Formerly Fort Maddox, Fort Ragathiel reclaimed its rights as a city with the fall of the Empire. While much of its original population perished due to the Empire's malevolent ritual, new residents and some surviving old residents began to return to the mountain fortress town and return it to what it once was out of respect for the fallen. The rebellion had reclaimed the single artifact that had survived the Empire's scrub of anything Ragathiel that the fort had, and it became the focus of the renewed worship within the city. The Sword shone with greater power as it was returned to its place and invigorated the faithful within the city.

It maintains good relations with Babel and its people, but has declared its independence as its own city state for the Faithful of Ragathiel. Many Crimson Templars have risen up in the town and many more have flocked to it to enforce the faith. The city frequently comes under attack by the Bloodzerkers who have made their home in the nearby mountains to specifically assail the warrior cult of Ragathiel within the fort, finding it to be the greatest joy and challenge to fight the General of Vengeance's faithful.


The town portion of the fortress city is inhabited by many Faithful to Ragathiel, or just those who align with his ideals. It maintains its peace even as it randomly gets assailed by the barbarians of the Blood God Vinex. Fighting them off has become just common place and accepted. Many of the civilians are trained in armor and martial weapons.


The Fortress protecting the town has been entirely restored and even further enhanced by the Faithful. They learned their lesson from the Empire and won't take falling like that again. The Guard of the city are highly trained veterans of battle, while the Soldiers are even moreso. Mostly comprising of Paladins of Ragathiel and Crimson Templars, the Defense Force of the city is not something that would fall so easily even to the onslaught of a demigod. Should the worst come to worst, a Champion will rise up and draw the sacred blade within the city to slay any that would take the city.

Its natural location makes sieges difficult as the rebellion had found when attempting to take the city back in the first place.


The Fortress Town is located directly West of the former Imperial Capital, now named the city of Babel. It's position in the mountains can make travel to it difficult without some specialized caravans that travel through the treacherous mountains and brave against bandit and barbarian raids.

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