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The Gilded Demesne of Abadar, colloquially known as Abadaria, was founded with divine mandate by Marcus Faulkner and a number of great leaders of Chronus, and dedicated to spreading civilization and commerce across the lands while becoming a shining beacon of such itself and a model of the tenants of Abadar on the Material Plane.


Beginning on whatever date this app is approved, with the much appreciated aid of the The Inevitability, the Gilded Demesne of Abadar was established on the continent of Siacros, beginning with the founding of the Grand Cathedral and Revenue Depeartment, heart of the fledgling city Vault-upon-Chronus.


Depends on where Tharoc puts the Druids, since he was approved first.


Vault-upon-Chronus, capital and first settlement.

Places of Interest

All are welcome to visit the bank, tax center, and church in Vault-upon-Chronus.

The Keys to Success - Ruling Council

His Holiness Marcus Faulkner, Pontif

Her Ladyship Ashley Naramore, Viscountess

Her Grace Claire Sanguinius, Duchess

His Holiness Franklin Yarborough, Archprelate

His Highborn Lordship Gibran Sayigh, Margrave

Lady Yukiko Nikaido, Landed Knight

His Illustriousness Jimmy Meatballs, Marquis

Honored Servant Ferrus Moltenblood, Quaestor


The Gilded Demesne of Abadar is governed by the Church of Abadar, and that is the official state religion. Worship of any other deity is allowed, with the exceptions of Lamashtu and Rovagug, which is expressly forbidden.