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The Town

The town of Grey Hollow sits in the shadow of the fortress of the same name. The true purpose of the fortress' construction has been lost to time, but today it stands as a barrier across a small land bridge connecting the greater mass of the continent of Etera. Due to this location, the town was a fairly prosperous trade hub in the past, though troubles with the Verk Empire have slowed the flow of goods from both land and sea, leaving the townsfolk on edge, even as they largely support the efforts of the rebellion.

Grey Hollow is connected to Fort Fair Maiden via the Path of the Bicorn, and is connected to Moonbright and Arbordale via the Path of the Wolf for easy travel.

The Fortress

True to its name, Grey Hollow the fortress is constructed of a dark grey stone with unusual properties. Curiously, even those who are well versed in stonework struggle to understand where the materials came from, and over the years repairs have had to be done with simple stone that has merely been painted to match the existing structure, yet the majority of the fortress still has its unnatural origins. While the town itself does not have a standing army, it has been a long-standing tradition to keep the fortress fully manned by a trained military force, a tradition that the current lord has maintained, though he has been unwilling thus far to lend his soldiers to the rebel cause as anything more than a defensive line.

Recent events have seen the ghost of Tulsam'i take up residence with the fort serving as a Moral Officer.