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The kingdom of Járnviðr Grove was grown by Doc, with much help from his general Rylan. Together, the leaders began their charge, providing healing, understanding, and growth to the lands.


The Druidic Order of Járnviðr Grove, a collective of nature-minded protectors, received funding to grow the heart of their grove on Continent of Siacros. Their funding offered by Inevitability for the initial founding, establishing a Forest Heart. With the intention to tend, protect, and live with, the land, much of those who live here have a tendency toward such actions. This includes the providing on healing of creatures of all kinds.


We haven't picked a spot, but it'll be somewhere with trees, most likely.


The initial Capital, though merely a couple of buildings now, is henceforth known as Yirngordil. It is slowly growing outward with lush forestry, with wood more resilient than any other.

Places of Interest

Not much is known for places of interest, beyond the initial dwelling of the leaders, with much to be learned from Rylan in particular.


So far, it is almost entirely Rylan who would provide some form of military might, however the royal enforcer is able to help take care of minor disagreements, so Rylan may continue his work when he can.


Lots of elementals, treants, natural creatures, wyrwoods, entlings, etc. Not much of a 'culture', beyond the naturalistic surroundings they live in, not abusing the gifts of the earth.

The Druidic Order

Doc (Ruler/Magister)

Rylan Odinsteinn (General)

Sythis (High Priest)


While High Priest Sythis is a devout follower of Lusine and welcomes all to her revels, as the High Priest of Járnviðr Grove he is tolerant to any religion that seeks to remain in balance with the lands.