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Born to a giant mother and a human father, Kailani always stood out among the children of Lalotai, being (literally) a head and shoulder above the rest. With the islander people's strict adherence to unity and harmony however, Kailani and her sister found no problem fitting in, being nurtured the same as any other inhabitant of the island.

Kailani's youth was marked by an almost insatiable quest for thrills and excitement in her island home, with her frequently having taken trips into the vast jungles of the island, having an especially strong desire to mingle with the creatures of the sea and coast.

The young giantess' early adventuring career was marked by the full awakening of her giant blood, a process that greatly accelerated her growth, bringing her up to par with her maternal cousins.



Kailani had her start in gladiatorial matches, making use of the skills she had accrued by then to please crowds, as well as put her abilities to the test against more unfamiliar opponents than those from her home island. Slowly inching her way up in popularity, the giantess found herself employed by the Adventuring Guild on several occasions.

Babaki Tribe

On one guild assignment, Kailani had found herself, and a group of others, inspecting a number of goblins which had mysteriously appeared on the island of Lalotai; they had washed ashore and were seemingly stranded, keeping to themselves while being wary of outsiders. After a relatively short trek, the party had reached the cave which the goblins had sought shelter in. What followed was a rather amusing series of events, given neither party understood each other, until one used her powers of telepathy to establish communications.

The goblins were comprised of three tribes, or more accurately, were refugees and survivors from those tribes; the tribes were driven to near extinction by adventurers in their homeland, leaving only the women and the children alive. Those left had fashioned rafts and traveled the ocean in hopes of shelter and safety, and those who had survived the journey had settled in the cave.

In an odd twist of fate, the three tribes each mirrored the values of the three in the party; the Babaki tribe in particular (adorably being the smallest of the tribes) had previously observed Kailani, and had begun to revere her, almost as a deity. At the end, the giantess in a way adopted the tribe, taking them under her wing.


If nothing else, Kailani's presence is almost impossible to be missed; a giant of a woman, the islander stands at over twenty eight feet in height, with a highly toned, muscular physique, adorned with various tribal tattoos. Her sharp blue eyes and long blonde hair (traits not usually found within the islander people of Lalotai) contrast vividly against her bronze skin.


Kailani sees freedom, especially her own, paramount to all else, not allowing anything or anyone to take it away from her. Honest to a fault, she struggles at deception and in most cases, sees herself above any. Aside from these, the giantess greatly values strength and companionship (love and friendship particulary), herself seeking to embody these values to those she holds dear.


Malia: a close childhood friend, lover, and very recently, soon to be mother of three of Kailani's children. The giantess deeply values their relationship, never having let it wither in the decades the two have known each other.

Lika: the leader of the Babaki tribe, whom, among a dozen others from her tribe, joined Kailani as companions. A favorite of Kailani's among her tribe. Frequently found literally hanging off of the giantess.

Elyn: an enigmatic figure whose name tends to pop up around Kailani a lot...


Like many other adventurers, Kailani seeks to make a name for herself, as well as perfecting her fighting and physical prowess.