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Goddess of Captivation, Revels, and Moonlit Nights


Lusine is the goddess of the moon orbiting Etera's world. Whimsical and free-spirited, she loves the adoring looks of mortals looking into the sky as she passes by, and she encourages revels and celebrations during the night.

Although somewhat wilder than her tidy and proper appearance suggests, Lusine is fundamentally good at heart and mostly just wants people to leave the burdens of the day behind and feel free to be themselves at night.

She is particularly fond of good-aligned lycanthropes and often sends them good dreams on the night of the full moon to tell them the best places to hunt. These dreams are known as Lusine's Gift among lycanthropes and indicate general favor from the goddess.


Chaos (Revelry), Charm (Captivation), Darkness (Moon), Dream, and Good (Friendship)

Favored Weapon

Fighting Fan


Lusine is worshiped by people who work at night, good lycanthropes, astronomers, people who love late-night parties, and others who are interested in prophecies and the stars.

The Church

Lusine's church isn't particularly visible most of the time, especially because most of its ceremonies take place at night and in large, open areas where they can see the sky. They usually maintain a small headquarters in larger cities to handle the day-to-day business of running the church.

However, they are famous for their monthly festivals. These take place exclusively on the night of the full moon, where all local residents who come in peace are welcomes with food, drink, and fun. Lusine's followers are famously uninhibited during celebrations, although never to the point of forcing people into anything they don't want to do.


Lusine normally takes the appearance of a refined lady in splendid, colorful robes. She always wears an accessory representing the moon, and has been known to favor visitors who bring new accessories to her.


Lusine's encouragement of freedom and fun resonates well with some adventurers, particularly lycanthropes interested in trying their hands at the famously risky trade. Other adventurers worship her hoping to get protection for their camps at night, and she occasionally obliges by sending wolves and other night hunters to get rid of danger. She prefers chaotic good followers, but accepts neutral good followers (in general) and chaotic neutral followers (as long as they're not being malicious or harmful to others, just free-spirited).

Mythic Patronage

Lusine occasionally acts as a mythic patron for individuals who are struggling to better themselves, as well as to anyone with a bestial nature who wants to do good in the world. She pushes them to do the right thing even when it's inconvenient, and to learn to be glad for goodness itself.

Home Realm: Lusinar

Lusine lives on the moon itself (known as Lusinar, and named after her), although she maintains a palace in Elysium that she occasionally uses for formal events. However, she prefers her palace, which is situated on the pole of the moon so that she can always see the world below. Lusinar is not tidally locked and spins on its axis to reveal each of its sides to the world, and most people correctly interpret this to represent Lusine's ever-changing whims.


As a goddess, Lusine's abilities are largely whatever she wants them to be. However, she prefers stunning illusions, polymorphs, and mind-affecting powers that get foes to party, and she looks fondly on clerics of hers who use such spells.