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Naramoore Steelworks, also known commonly as The Steelworks, is an Eteran multinational manufacturer of technology that has its main headquarters in the city of Babel. It was founded by Avalia Naramoore shortly after the fall of the Wild Hunt. It primarily develops, produces and sells technology but, through subsidiaries and charitable efforts, also offers other services.


Currently the company is headed solely by Avalia Naramoore, it’s Chief Operating Officer and Founder. Directors work directly beneath her to ensure the smooth, day to day running of the company’s various wings and subsidiaries.


The Steelworks itself operates manufacturing in Babel, Norgrash, Alzhak Reger and The Gilded Demesne of Abadar. It’s research and development is concentrated primarily in Babel and Norgrash.

Manufacture and Production

Perhaps the most widely known product of The Steelworks is the production of parts and the assembly of said parts into construction and mining equipment. The vast majority of this equipment is produced in Kal'Azgoroth given the abundant natural resources of the dwarven capital and the industrious nature of it’s dwarven citizens.

Beyond this, the arms trade remains a stable if small industry owing to the slow adoption of firearms. This alongside the assembly of clockwork automatons takes place in the city of Babel with the primary buyers being mercenary groups and wealthy business owners.

Research And Development

Despite benefitting from Lady Naramoore’s extensive research and catalogue of blueprints, The Steelworks branch in Kal'Azgoroth continue to perform their own research, mostly into the ever more efficient machining of parts. The headquarters in Babel mostly focus on other areas such as advanced firearms and more intricate clockwork automata.

Artificial Life

Following a number of discoveries and finally the creation of Melvior, Avalia's attention turned to something beyond the scope of artificial intelligence, artificial life itself. Androids had existed for a long time, though their creation and form was still rooted in the biological. The Steelworks branch in Norgrash was established as a more detached branch to both develop and then study the growth of the new Steelworks Androids. Using technology replicated from the ancient androids they were able to build suitable vessels for recycled souls to inhabit, effectively reaching their goal of creating actual artificial life. Production of these units continues, though it is work of an incredibly precise nature that takes a great deal of time per unit. The exact number of units created at this time is unknown but is predicted to be between twenty and fifty.


Naramoore Construction and Mining

Originally a revival of Avalia’s old profession, the construction of buildings was a logical area to cover given the rapid growth of Kingdoms on Sicaros and the great many planned enterprises Avalia herself had in mind. Originally set up under the name ‘Naramoore Construction’, the company saw a great deal of work in the founding days of Alzhak Reger and was called upon to extend it’s purview into mining as well, becoming ‘Naramoore Mining & Construction’ and moving its base of operations there. The Steelworks own and operate some of the many mines in the dwarven kingdom and process the minerals of many more in addition. The primarily sought out materials are Copper, Iron and Mithril, the metals most used to construct The Steelworks’ various appliances.

Naramoore Electrical and Lighting

Within Alzhak Reger, the subsidiary ‘Naramoore Electrical & Lighting’ was formed to provide both electrical power to the industries that need it and the benefits of lighting. It has since expanded into Babel as well, offering mostly electrical power to businesses that employ technological methods. Despite operating in two locations its operations remain relatively small, given the nature of it’s work and the ease with which maintenance can be carried out.

Naramoore Steelworks, Setlaar Division

Less of a division and more a wholly separate entity. Avalia's status within the Setlaar nations following the Hungering Sands incident afforded her a great deal of freedom to operate despite her Eteran origins. She rather quickly set about establishing the Setlaar division to access the market that is the Setlaar's more tech-comfortable populace and potential military contracts. Not a great deal leaks about the division's activities, even to those working for The Steelworks back in Etera. All that is known is that it deals in the advanced firearms common to the Setlaar people and is rumoured to be involved with military contractors and the armed forces as a developer and supplier of weapons and military grade hardware.

Public Services

The Steelworks fund and, in some cases, provide public services both as further business ventures and as a means to better the communities within which they operate.


To ensure the population is sufficiently able to make use of technology, Avalia believes education needs to be addressed in a serious manner. The Steelworks fund and even operate schools, colleges and universities to help get the youth of Chronus started on the right foot in life. A great effort has been made to provide a balanced curriculum and, with the help of Ashley Naramoore, to avoid any of Avalia’s personal biases against magic. A healthy awareness of the dangers associated with it does feature though.  


Naramoore Steelworks runs hospitals within the city of Babel to provide on demand medical care to those that find themselves injured or stricken with illness but without easy access to medical alchemy or magics. Where necessary they have even been known to offer prosthesis in the case of severed limbs or damaged senses.


Though The Steelworks offer a great many bespoke products it does maintain a range of standard, easily recognizable products. Buyers must register their products, filling in the requisite paperwork at the branch in which they are purchased.

Armour Modifications

With armour tailored to the individual, modification must also be bespoke in nature. The range of these modifications is relatively small at this time but development continues.

Accessory Suit/Layer - Provided either as a suit itself or added as an internal layer to the inside of existing armour, this suit offers a great many benefits. First and foremost it is made of a material that adjusts well to the form of the wearer and provides complete protection from hazardous elements when the attached hood is pulled on and fully sealed. A respirator is recommended to allow for unhindered breathing while used in this way. Beyond this it serves as a point of attachment for worn augmentations utilising the body as their anchor point.

Dash Engine - Built into or worn over armour, this engine serves to propel the wearer forward at incredible and difficult to control speeds either with the intention of swift forward movement in a straight line or to gain greater momentum for a charge. The increase in speed and momentum is greater with each grade.

Grade Speed Increase Damage on Charge Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 Charge/Withdraw: 60ft

Run: 180ft

+1d6 3 Charges 3,000 Gold
Grade 2 Charge/Withdraw: 120ft

Run: 360ft

+2d6 6 Charges 6,000 Gold
Grade 3 Charge/Withdraw: 180ft

Run: 540ft

+3d6 9 Charges 9,000 Gold
Grade 4 Charge/Withdraw: 240ft

Run: 720ft

+4d6 12 Charges 12,000 Gold

Mobility Framework - A relatively basic addition that, when powered, allowed otherwise prohibitive armours to be moved in without slowing the wearer. This framework only truly functions on medium or heavier armours.

Superior Joints - Often confused for the Mobility Framework, this upgrade focuses on the joints of any armour to allow the user to make the most of their natural (or enhanced) swiftness. The quality of the joints increases with grade, allowing for even the truly superhuman to benefit from armour they otherwise would forgo.

Grade Max Dexterity ACP Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 +1 Max Dexterity -3 ACP 1 Charge 500 Gold
Grade 2 +2 Max Dexterity -4 ACP 3 Charges 3,000 Gold
Grade 3 +3 Max Dexterity -5 ACP 6 Charges 6,000 Gold
Grade 4 +4 Max Dexterity -6 ACP 9 Charges 9,000 Gold
Grade 5 +5 Max Dexterity -7 ACP 12 Charges 12,000 Gold


Arguably the fastest growing industry is that of augmentation and prosthesis, offering enhanced physical attributes and other benefits. Many of these products are bespoke in their entirety but a few standard items do exist for purchase. Augmentations can be worn or implanted, whichever the customer prefers.

Ablative Dermal Layer - A layer of reactive material that is either worn beneath armour or implanted over the user’s skin. When subjected to force it toughens up to help mitigate the impact. This layer of defence is likened to the innate defensive qualities of a beast’s tough hide. This layer comes in various grades, numbered 1 to 6 based on the desired potency.

Grade Bonus Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 +2 Enhancement to NA 1 Charge 2,000 Gold
Grade 2 +3 Enhancement to NA 2 Charges 5,000 Gold
Grade 3 +4 Enhancement to NA 5 Charges 10,000 Gold
Grade 4 +5 Enhancement to NA 7 Charges 15,000 Gold
Grade 5 +6 Enhancement to NA 10 Charges 20,000 Gold
Grade 6 +7 Enhancement to NA 12 Charges 25,000 Gold

Circulatory Enhancer - The standard variation is worn on the chest, over the heart while the implanted version modifies the user’s heart or, in some cases, provides a compact secondary one. In either case, it boosts the efficiency of the wearer’s circulatory system and provides greater bodily fortitude all round. This enhancement comes in various grades, numbered 1 to 5 based on the desired potency.

Grade Bonus Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 +2 Enhancement to Con 1 Charge 2,000 Gold
Grade 2 +4 Enhancement to Con 3 Charges 7,000 Gold
Grade 3 +6 Enhancement to Con 7 Charges 14,000 Gold
Grade 4 +8 Enhancement to Con 10 Charges 21,000 Gold
Grade 5 +10 Enhancement to Con 14 Charges 28,000 Gold

Exo/Endo-skeletal ‘Muscles’ - The standard variation is worn over armour while the implanted version directly replaces or otherwise enhances the user’s muscles. In either case the end result is the augmented physical strength of the user, allowing them to exert more force with the same level of effort they might be used to. This enhancement comes in various grades, numbered 1 to 5 based on the desired potency.

Grade Bonus Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 +2 Enhancement to Str 1 Charge 2,000 Gold
Grade 2 +4 Enhancement to Str 3 Charges 7,000 Gold
Grade 3 +6 Enhancement to Str 7 Charges 14,000 Gold
Grade 4 +8 Enhancement to Str 10 Charges 21,000 Gold
Grade 5 +10 Enhancement to Str 14 Charges 28,000 Gold

Mechanical Limb Prosthesis - Often provided in replacement for a lost limb, these mechanical limbs are physically superior and provide a number of benefits such as increased land speed in the case of mechanised legs or greater load bearing and an iron grip in the case of mechanical arms. Rarely these limbs are provided in addition to the existing ones, giving the user additional hands with which to work or additional legs for greater speed.

Reaction Maximiser - The standard variation is a small device that attaches to the back of the neck, at the top of the spine while the implanted version interfaces directly with the spinal column of the user. Either way it stimulates the nervous system and allows for faster reaction times and quicker movement. This enhancement comes in various grades, numbered 1 to 5 based on the desired potency.

Grade Bonus Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 +2 Enhancement to Dex 1 Charge 2,000 Gold
Grade 2 +4 Enhancement to Dex 3 Charges 7,000 Gold
Grade 3 +6 Enhancement to Dex 7 Charges 14,000 Gold
Grade 4 +8 Enhancement to Dex 10 Charges 21,000 Gold
Grade 5 +10 Enhancement to Dex 14 Charges 28,000 Gold

Sensory Sets - Sensory sets come in a wide variety of forms, covering the five senses. Worn versions enhance the capability of the sense in question while implantations supplement or otherwise replace them. The end result is that this form of augmentation enhances the existing sense or provides additional forms of perception for it. Thermal vision, Tremorsense or Scent are among just some of the granted perceptions. Differing grades can offer a wider range of potential senses to draw upon. Please note, not all base senses can gain the full benefit of additional senses.

Grade Senses Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 1 (Basic Sight/Vision etc.) 1 Charge 500 Gold
Grade 2 2 2 Charges 4,000 Gold
Grade 3 3 4 Charges 8,000 Gold
Grade 4 4 6 Charges 12,000 Gold
Grade 5 5 8 Charges 16,000 Gold
Grade 6 6 10 Charges 20,000 Gold
Grade 7 7 12 Charges 24,000 Gold

Skillslots and Skillchips - A small slot, usually implanted at the back of the user’s head, that allows for direct interface with the brain when a Skillchip is inserted. These, along with the chips, are popular with professionals already skilled in their field but looking for an edge.  

Grade Bonus Price
Skillslot N/A 1,000 Gold
Grade 1 +2 Enhancement to Skill 300 Gold
Grade 2 +4 Enhancement to Skill 1,200 Gold
Grade 3 +6 Enhancement to Skill 2,700 Gold
Grade 4 +8 Enhancement to Skill 4,800 Gold
Grade 5 +10 Enhancement to Skill 7,500 Gold


Originally intended to be kept in-house, Clockwork Automatons have since evolved into a popular side venture with businesses making purchases for batches of Clockwork Soldiers to defend property or even provide labour in some cases. Beyond the standard, bipedal and humanoid form of their most common model, the Steelworks are capable of producing a wide variety of custom built automatons with a great many forms. Of the most impressive to date would likely be Gyre, envoy to the Starlight Union, a clockwork dragon rumoured to possess a staggering breath weapon that warps gravity itself.

As with all Steelworks constructs, they would by default possess personalities of their own, permutations of the original AI model they are based off of. This ‘flaw’ has since been worked out, though units are still produced with it included unless a customer specifies otherwise. Units with this individuality are granted a certain level of protection by the Steelworks, to ensure they are not abused by their buyer.

NC Soldier-R V2.4.4 - The standard model rifleman of Naramoore Steelworks, equipped most often with the NF2 rifle. These models are physically identical to the Gunner model but are programmed with a skillset more suited to a basic infantry unit.

NC Soldier-G V2.4.4 - The standard model gunner of Naramoore Steelworks, equipped with the NF3 light machine gun. These models are physically identical to the Rifleman model but are programmed with a skillset more befitting a gunner, capable of laying down impressive, suppressive fire.

NC Officer V3.8.10 - The officer model produced by Naramoore Steelworks, equipped with the NF1 revolver. Hardier and smarter than the soldier models, these units are a significant force multiplier when attached to a squad of clockwork soldiers but are, on their own, not terribly threatening  

NC Commander V3.14.20 - The command model produced by Naramoore Steelworks, equipped with the NF2 rifle or the NF1 Revolver. Sturdier still than the officer and significantly wiser, these units take a platoon of soldiers, living or clockwork, and direct them in battle with frightening efficiency. It has been noted that units retaining their individual personality are often very protective of their units, though still capable of making tough calls.

Magical Item Replication

One of Lady Naramoore's personal pursuits, magical item replication is the process of rendering arcane, divine, natural and psionic forces in such a way as to create items functionally identical to magic items through technological means. These items are not subject to the pitfalls and counters often employed against magic items to render them non-functional. They are instead susceptible to anti-technological measures instead. Pricing for these items has been refined to the point where one can expect them to cost exactly as much as their standard, magical equivalent.


As a somewhat difficult concept to explain to those unfamiliar with technology, Routines have only just been offered fully to Eteran customers. Routines are intangible packets of data that perform a function when operated through a gadget, usually a sensory set though other options are possible. Often they boost skills by offering information as and when the user needs it while others give targeting data designed to maximise a combatant’s effectiveness.

NR Skill Assistant V2.8 - This routine nicely compliments, but does not require, a skillchip and runs best on a visual or auditory sensory set. When active it provides helpful data on a particular skill. If provided additional power it can provide much greater assistance on one particular task carried out with that skill in the given circumstances.

Grade Bonus (Passive) Bonus (Activated) Price
Grade 1 +2 Competence +4 Competence 1,000 Gold
Grade 2 - 14 +2 Competence Add +1 per grade. +1000 Gold per Grade

(The following skills can be improved with this: Appraise, Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Handle Animal, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge (any), Linguistics, Perform, Profession (any), Sense Motive, Survival or Spellcraft.)

NR Targeting Assistant V2.0 - The most popular product offered by the Steelworks, if only by a small margin. This routine, often run on a vision based sensory set, provides  the equivalent increase in accuracy and damage offered by standard grades of enhancement made to weapons. The major advantages over said enhancements are that it functions for all of the user’s offensive measures, magic included. This alone saves the user money if they opt for multiple weapons but the low cost of the product helps further.

Grade Bonus Price
Grade 1 +1 Enhancement to Attack and Damage 1,000 Gold
Grade 2 +2 Enhancement to Attack and Damage 2,500 Gold
Grade 3 +3 Enhancement to Attack and Damage 4,500 Gold
Grade 4 +4 Enhancement to Attack and Damage 6,500 Gold
Grade 5 +5 Enhancement to Attack and Damage 8,500 Gold

Weapons and Modifications

The Arms Trade remains a profitable side operation for The Steelworks, either to equip their own automatons or mercenary groups. The NF series are firearms, mainly based off of advanced clockwork technology while the NS series are melee weapons of varying means. Other weapons are available on request and, rumour has it, the Steelworks possess the licensing to manufacture even the firearms of the advanced Setlaar nations. All Steelworks weapons are compatible with a wide range of upgrades and accessories.

NF1 Clockwork Revolver V2.0 - A relatively simple application of clockwork technology. The NF1 is a compact sidearm with a capacity of 7 rounds and built in charge converter, used by The Steelworks’ Clockwork Officers.

NF2 Clockwork Rifle V2.6 - A long, accurate rifle with plenty of room for modification but perfectly functional without. It has a 5 round capacity and is sturdy enough to be used in melee without fear of breaking. This is the primary weapon of Steelworks’ Clockwork Soldiers.

NF3 Clockwork Light Machine Gun V2.9 - A bulky weapon capable of raining down a veritable hail of projectiles upon foes. It boasts an impressive 40 round capacity and is capable of both fully automatic and semi automatic fire.

NF4 Clockwork Heavy Machine Gun V2.0 - Designed for emplacements rather than firing without support. This NF4 is a hulking weapon, similar in design to the NF3 but far too heavy to easily wield and with much greater kick to each shot. It is fed by a belt of ammunition strung together, giving it a capacity of 250 rounds.

NS1 Adaptable Particle Blade V2.0 - Hypersharp blades or dense but deceptively light striking implements. The NS1 is designed to take the form of the user’s weapon of choice with a built in adaptor for just such a purpose. Even so, it maintains what makes particle weapons attractive, it’s ability to strike true through even the toughest defenses.

NS2 Clockwork Chainsword V1.8 - Perhaps questionably ethical but undeniably effective. The NS2 features a belt or chain of fine, serrated teeth that, when powered on and applied to an enemy, shred flesh and saw through bone. Inspires about as much ‘concern’ in foes as one might expect.

NS3 Monofilament Whip V1.3 - An impossibly thin wire with great durability. This whip possesses amazing cutting power when used correctly, a difficult task in itself. Time will tell if such a weapon catches on.

Elemental Converters Packs - These weapon modifiers convert Steelworks weapons, both firearms and melee, to the chosen form of damage. Each damage type requires its own pack with some types being harder to replicate than others. The converter packs are quite easy to swap in and out, especially for those with dextrous hands.

Damage Type Price
Slashing, Bludgeoning or Piercing 500 Gold
Fire 500 Gold
Nonlethal 500 Gold
Acid, Cold or Electricity 2,500 Gold
Sonic 5,000 Gold

Precision Sight - An advanced lens attached to the top of a firearm to help with long distance shots. When taking the time to aim down the sight at any range it will greatly increase the potential accuracy of shots taken.

Pressured Chamber - This modification allows the firearm to build increased pressure and release it, adding additional force to the bullet as it leaves the barrel. The increased force not only does more damage on impact but also causes the enemy to be flung back. Higher grades offer more powerful results with the higher ones proving devastating in the hands of a skilled gunman. Pressure takes 6 seconds to build and must be released as part of a shot quickly thereafter.

Grade Bonus Damage Knockback Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 2d6 10ft 1 Charge 1,000 Gold
Grade 2-14 +1d6 per Grade +10ft per Grade +1 per Grade. +1000 Gold per Grade

Setlaar Firearms - Though very little has leaked back to Etera itself, the advent of Setlaar forces on the continent has given a rather open demonstration of Setlaar weaponry, opening up the possibility of purchasing such weapons. As a manufacturer and supplier of such firearms, Naramoore Steelworks has their own unique take on their designs, focusing on technological compatibility and modular design that, in theory, should allow for such weapons to be upgraded consistently and with ease as advancements are made. A Steelworks version of any such Setlaar gun is able to host up to two accessories from the Tech Sphere at a time which can be applied and/or removed as a move action each. While this advanced design does not make them inherently more or less difficult to use, wielders would need to have the appropriate experience (possession of the Tech Sphere or the Technologist feat) if wielding the weapon with such accessories applied. Steelworks guns, ironically, tend to use mithril for the metal parts of their weapons, giving such parts a light blue sheen and reducing their weight by 25%. Though any Steelworks product requires registering, the tenuous bond between Etera and the Setlaar places even greater restrictions and the requirement for further vetting before the purchase of such weapons can be permitted.


Communicators - A small, handheld device that allows the user to transmit their voice to a paired device. Networks can be formed by adding any number of additional devices, allowing for either simultaneous communications between a large group or selective communication from a range of receivers. The signal range of these devices can vary depending on grade with the most advanced even able to cross the planar boundary.

Grade Signal Distance Cross-planar? Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 2 Miles No 1 Charge 2,000 Gold
Grade 2 50 Miles No 2 Charges 5,000 Gold
Grade 3 1000 Miles No 5 Charges 10,000 Gold
Grade 4 15 Billion Miles Yes 7 Charges 15,000 Gold

Image Capture Device, Active - A small, vaguely rectangular box with a lens on one side and buttons on the other with a small panel for viewing through. When activated and operated accordingly this device will record the events it witnesses for later viewing. Stores up to four hours of ‘video’ per grade.

Grade Footage Capacity Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 4 Hours 2 Charges 2,000 Gold
Grade 2 8 Hours 4 Charges 4,000 Gold
Grade 3 12 Hours 6 Charges 6,000 Gold
Grade 4 16 Hours 8 Charges 8,000 Gold
Grade 5 20 Hours 10 Charges 10,000 Gold
Grade 6 24 Hours 12 Charges 12,000 Gold
Grade 7 28 Hours 14 Charges 14,000 Gold

Image Capture Device, Static - A small,vaguely rectangular box with an advanced lens on one side and buttons on the other with a small panel for viewing through. Aiming the lens and pressing the right button will capture the still image of your target with incredible quality and then, when prompted, print the image onto paper or parchment provided by the user for physical storage. The device can store 10 still imaged per grade.

Grade Photo Capacity Charge Capacity Price
Grade 1 10 Photos 2 Charges 2,000 Gold
Grade 2 20 Photos 4 Charges 4,000 Gold
Grade 3 30 Photos 6 Charges 6,000 Gold
Grade 4 40 Photos 8 Charges 8,000 Gold
Grade 5 50 Photos 10 Charges 10,000 Gold
Grade 6 60 Photos 12 Charges 12,000 Gold
Grade 7 70 Photos 14 Charges 14,000 Gold

Respirator - A rather simple but invaluable device often used by those exploring underwater, toxic or otherwise oxygen deprived environments. Each charge grants one hours worth of breath for as long as it is worn. These are often provided as a full set with an accessory suit but can be purchased separately.

Translocator Pad - Sold as a pair, these disks expand when deployed, providing a platform on which to stand. Activating the pad while standing on it will instantly translocate the user from one platform to the other. Additional pads can be added to a pair, creating a network that the user can use to reach any other of the pads when calibrated properly. Where range is concerned, the pads need only to read the signal of the other, something that even planar boundaries do nothing to impede.