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Our Father of the Wastes is an unaligned deity from Babel. Through sheer work alone he ascended to minor deification and has begun spreading his gospel.


Our Father of the Wastes lived another life in another world before stepping foot onto Babel. He quickly made friends among the more powerful adventurers as he gathered the power he needed to grow his divine spark. After almost a year of searching, he discovered the Codex of many planes and its ability to grant deific powers to those who master it. In his chest, he carries a shard of the dead god Aroden’s divine power, allowing him to heal even the most grievous wounds. Most of his days are spent in isolation, tending to his children on a private demiplane.

Holy Symbol

Infinity Symbol

Xerxes appreciates the simplicity of the ever-repeating infinity symbol. Often he traces it in the air as he incants his magic.

Bioluminescent Eyes

Nothing in any world pleases Xerxes more than his children. Each one he molded from the earth, and each one he grows daily to ensure they become strong and healthy. They are covered in bioluminescent markings that give off an irradiated light in darkness.



As of yet, Xerxes has not made any deific friends.


Shax: After stealing away one of Shax’s prized souls, Xerxes and company have gained the enmity of this demon lord.

Primordial Titans: On his quest to gain the Codex of Infinite planes, Xerxes may have stolen the tome from an ancient guardian who has sworn revenge.


Our Father of the Wastes appears as a simple man with dark skin, short hair and purple robes. His skin gives off a deep purple hue as radiant power leakes out of him. He can often be seen carrying one or two of his children.


It is said in his wake the Wastes leak out onto the material plane. 

The Wastes - Xerxes has one major place of living. The wastes; an ever-growing demiplane that hosts a myriad of horrific creatures Xerxes calls his children. Many portals lead into and out of the Wastes, but those are often hidden in secret locations that only Xerxes knows of.

The Labyrinth of Gates - To ease the burden of travel, Xerxes has formed an intricate system of portals and hallways that connect many places together. Similarly to The Wastes, entrances to this demiplane are often hidden among mundane places. Additionally, not all gates are the same, as some of them are as wide as 200 feet.



Among his demiplane, and native to their existence are monstrous constructs called Wastlings. Literal blight given life, Xerxes has breathed his powers into each one of the massive creatures, instilling them with calm and intelligent demeanors, which conflicts with their aberrant appearance.


Xerxes has no desires for temples. As a god of travels, he prefers roadside shrines with offerings of lucky coins and broken compasses.

Favored Animal

Worms, moths, and mantis’, though moths are his favorite, as they are adjacent to his mother's symbol.


Our Father of the Wastes teaches one thing; freedom. To that end, he has no holy scripture and only asks that people who follow him express themselves in their most pure form.


Seek out and bless either your own child or another person child (of a young age), if you cannot find a child to bless, then create a small figuring out earth and clay (or any other materials you can find) and spend an hour in prayer to the Waste Walker asking his blessing for the children of the world. Gain a +4 diplomacy when talking to creatures that have bore children.


  1. Protections of the Wastes (Sp): animate rope 3/day, wood shape 2/day, or stone shape1/day
  2. Planar Savant (Ex): Your worship of the Father of the Barren Wastes has changed your body to be more adaptable to hazardous environments. You gain the benefit of Endure Elements, Planar Adaptation and Planetary Adaptation as extraordinary abilities.
  3. Progenitor's Plane (Sp): You gain a permanent home outside of this world, once per day you can travel there and back. When you first acquire this boon, it starts out as a 10ft cube, but every week it grows in radius by another 5ft until its radius is equal to 10ft per hit die. after which it continues to cgrow 1 ft per year. This demiplane is permanent and cannot be dispelled, but only grows if you complete the daily obedience.

Divine Gift

Once per day you may cast gate (if you have at least 18 HD) or plane shift you if do not. You may only use this to travel yourself and allies to a different plane.