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Growing Pains

Etera's immigration problem was truly something. All those people coming ashore on their ships, needing homes, food to eat and shelter for their young. The people rebelled somewhat, they didn't rebel for long. Adventurers from all over Etera banded together to protect the newcomers, to feed their families and shelter them from the weather. What cities had room took people in and those that didn't sent what they could spare.

These newcomers had little of their own, the ships they came on rickety and barely able to sail, the clothes on their backs ragged and worn. No place to call their own until word began to spread of a city to the south that had appeared overnight. A city free for those that might require it, and the newcomers did very much require it.

The Streets of Outer Eight

Settling In

Newcomers and Eteran's alike would find this new city exactly to their needs. Housing for those that have none, churches for different Gods to be left prayer or offerings, clean water and food. This new city had everything and came with a strange routine.

At the end of every week the plant life around the city began to grow at a fantastic pace, not enough to take over the city but enough that any garden present within the mile radius of the city centre would flourish.

The weather had a routine also, like perfect clockwork the weather would roll around. Sunny when required, rains to keep things clean and the plants watered and reservoirs filled, storms each week that struck the many lightning rods around the city all throughout the night. Merchants always knew when rain was coming, children would cheer for the lightning strikes as predictable as anything they'd seen yet. This lightning is stored within the centre of Outer Eight and dispersed to the technology through underground wiring.

And the "cleansing" as some began to call it. Broken items left out at night on a certain day that was always a clear night are found fixed in the morning. Be it statues, jewellery, small children's dolls, or even the smallest trinkets; all fixed by the morning with no fuss. People who attempt to wait and watch for any sign of who, or what, does this will find the items watched fixed when they even slightly turn their eyes away.

Accounting of Type

The districts of Outer Eight may seem separated to those viewing the city for the first time, waterways carried on marble bridges segmenting the city into it's namesake of eight, perhaps in a sense to divide it's populace. This is true only in the sense that people of different Creeds live in different parts of the city, beyond that the eight sections are actually set up in very particular ways and for very particular people.

The Creeds of Eight

It is common for people of this continent to take upon themselves Oaths to live by, and the sections of Outer Eight are specifically made for those kinds of people. The larger sections are called the Creeds, the Creeds are as such;

  • Life Creed, the place people go to live life without harm, even fleas are asked to relocate in this area, it's people sustained not via meat or such but by the Creed itself.
  • Nature Creed, the place people go to live without the need of technology, people who would rather work for the things they have, this is one of the sections that has no access to lightning power.
  • Mundane Creed, the place mages are exceptionally uncommon, this is a place for people who believe that magic isn't a required part of their lives.
  • Spared Creed, the place those who feel they should only live with the minimal amount of nourishment and other such fine things, you wont find any great restaurants in this area but you will find many Monks and holy men.
  • Heavy Creed, the place of backbreaking labour, those that never feel comfortable unless they are carrying burdens of sorts. This is the most lax in territory creed as the people enjoy deliveries parcels and such to others. These are the people who are systematically rebuilding the city to ensure they learn exactly how it was built.
  • Forthright Creed, the place of laws. The people here promise to never speak lies, they are the greater lawyers and such of Outer Eight, keeping it's laws without breaking any bonds. Trustworthy people.
  • Guardian Creed, the place people go if they wish to protect others. People in this creed are almost always those who would stand up for others, protect those that need protecting, and defenders of the city.
  • Offering Oath, the place people will go if they wish to serve in ways they normally cannot with strength and words. These people make up a large portion of the populace, giving their money to the city itself so it may keep it's inhabitants monetary requirements met.

Outer Eight's population isn't just made up of these Creeds, but these are the highest impacting ones within the city currently. They keep the place running, each having their own jobs. They don't stay separate, intermingling as needed and always helping each other. Animosity between Creeds is exceedingly rare as all people's needs are met.

Benefits of Living

As the laws of Outer Eight dictate, those who need a necessity to live are given it freely, this includes but is not limited food, drinking water, and housing. Payment of currency isn't always required within many establishments of the city, shops and vendors usually hand out their wares to curious customers, only accepting coin if they really wish.

One of the newest additions to the city is the different buildings within the magical parts of the city are suddenly allowing people to achieve greater heights than ever before. Libraries seem to help people find knowledge faster, schools make people feel smarter, hospice areas are invigorating and so on. This has been explained by a massive series of enchantments that are somehow being placed around the city. (You may receive a +12 Enhancement bonus to any stat based on the building you use for downtime such as the examples above. You also receive a +12 Enhancement bonus to specific skill checks for the same. Example, if you are playing within a theatre to a crowd using your Perform (Guitar) skill, you would receive both the +12 bonus to Charisma and the Perform skill check. This can be used for downtime)

The other newest addition is that of the Adventuring Guild's headquarters moving to the city. The hill in the centre of the city has always held a place for meetings of all kinds and as an access to the underside of the city and it's infrastructure. Now the buildings have been refitted, a portal system been set up under the ground, and the main portion of the workers and benefits of the Guild have been moved to Outer Eight proper. With this move the Guild will provide the citizens of the city with it's benefits free of charge.

Polytheism in Practice

Within the walls of Outer Eight, every God is allowed worship. Evil gods, Outer Gods, Gods of War and Famine, any deity with divine power has a shrine, be it big or small, within the city. There are several larger churches within Outer Eight and on a rotary schedule are these buildings change to outfit the worship of a different God. Each month a different God is set up within these churches, small Gods get their chance for mass worship within Outer Eight. Inclusion of all is key to keeping the world turning.

Races of all kinds reside in Outer Eight

This may cause problems with those visiting Outer Eight at times that an opposing God is being worshipped in one of the churches, worshippers are always to be left in peace, and those that would say otherwise are asked politely to keep their voices down when in a holy place.

Citizens of this city will be found giving small prayers to any kind of God related to the practice they are about to undertake, Gods of Death are sent offerings with the passing of loved ones, Gods of fishing finds themselves being thrown a portion of the catch a fisherman may make during his trip, even little prayers are sent out to the God of haste when a person is rushing home to their spouse on a late anniversary. Gods have their place in Outer Eight.


The laws of Outer Eight were decided before anyone beyond it's creator stepped foot within the city walls. They were simple.

  • No Rulers, no one person (or groups of people) may hold themselves above others.
  • Treat others as you would treat yourself, don't bring harm upon others unless you would wish the same. If you do wish that, there are people you can talk to to get better.
  • Necessities must be free, the hungry are to be given food, the sick to be given medicine. If it is required to live it must be given freely.
  • Be kind, this isn't an order, it's a request. Be kind to others but never so kind they take advantage of it.