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Path of the Wolf

The Forests south of Grey Hollow are watched over by a Guardian Spirit Wolf, that has given a boon to the people of Etera. A pathway through the forest for quick travel and movement anywhere within these forests, from Moonbright to Grey Hollow. Travel to any location within the Guardian Spirit's control is extremely quick, almost instantaneous it seems.

Path of the Bicorn

The Wildlands and Forests north of Grey Hollow and west of Fort Maddox are watched over by a Guardian Spirit Bicorn, it has agreed to allow the people of Etera to have similar instant travel within its domain as the Guardian Spirit Wolf, but it requires a monthly offering of someone spending some "quality" time with the Bicorn. This has connected the Southern and Northern areas of the continent more easily.

So long as the offerings are given, the Bicorn will allow anyone to make use of the Path between Fair Maiden and Grey Hollow