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To my dear [REDACTED], you have served as an amazing assistant. If only my dear, true sister were alive to see your progress and growth as my protege, I am certain she would be as proud of you as she is of me, for keeping her memory alive in the face of her demise. I will admit, the loss of my sister's soul has been a major setback in finding a true, resonant body for her, but nevertheless, I must find her new form.

My services to these... imbeciles who can't understand my capability of creating, aging and releasing entire catfolk in mere weeks and instead want the ever so amateur abominations and chimeras... It's depressing and quite frankly, a waste of my talents. Still, it provides the funding for my experiments and saving her.

[REDACTED], should you find these notes, I have either been killed, or captured. I want you to continue my work if I am missing; so that she may be rescued from the throes of death. That said, I have written notes on various incarnations of our project; both the serieses and... the defective ones. Be sure to add any additional observations and creations as you desire.

With safe regards,

Madison Shadeflare

Case #0: Elatus Shadeflare

Elatus Shadeflare is my dear sister; and the impetus of the project. After her untimely death to [REDACTED], I attempted to have her resurrected by the local Alchemists, due to our hometown's disdain of magic and nontechnology. The bad news is that she was dissected in the process of the first attempt at resurrection... but I soon discovered part of the reason her soul wasn't returning to her body easily. According to those incompetent fools, it was "a miracle she survived so long". These were their findings:

Bodily integrity was poor, even before her demise. Compared to other catfolk of her age, build and abilities, she was especially fragile; her fortitude was inferior, her will was weak, and her reflexes weren't responsive. It wasn't a surprise to the alchemists that she faced her demise so quickly.

Though clearly born with the grace and nimbleness of a catfolk; her strength and constitution were especially inferior. Little Ellie always had a hard time opening things, and she did bruise easily, but I never expected her to actually have a physical condition that caused her weakness. It explains a lot, actually.

Her magical capability was surprisingly high, actually. This came to a surprise to me; considering she never showed such aptitude when she was alive, but it appears her inferior mental faculties prevented them from coming to the forefront.

Within her blood were some sort of... external factor. Something that was not dominant or truly active; but could have greatly improved her chances of survival. Some of the alchemists did assert that this was the makings of a Sorcerer's bloodline... but my family had never had sorcerers. Mayhap this was a dormant gene even in myself; but for now, that is baseless conjecture.

The external factor is something I believe is the key to making Elatus anew; discovering just what sort of bloodline lay dormant within her form. I was thankfully allowed to keep her cadaver; and was even taught a new art of... Genecrafting was it? If I wanted Ellie back, I would NEED to recreate her.

I understand this first entry may be confusing to those reading it; since it is not one of my creations; but rather a dissection of my now-deceased sister. However, it is this basis that is necessary to understand who and what we are fighting to bring back; and the struggles we must overcome to ensure her revival and full attempt at life.

Case: #A-043: Bloodline Experiment #43: Orc

The recent campaigns against rampaging Orc tribes has been greatly useful to our experiments, and plenty of physical parts to experiment with for creating a new body for Elatus. However, our goal remains centered on their blood; to figure out if we can unleash her latent potential.

Thankfully, it turns out that not only did the bodies accept the blood, unlike the previous species suspected to function well with Elatus's blood, but each individual grew much more sentient. Their physical strength was also improved to various degrees of advancement. Some particular cases were fascinating because they outright became immune to fire; as well as resilient to some physical means of discipline. Must rely more on electric apparatuses to keep order.

With the advent of magic came the increase in the bodies' mental capacities. We did much to suppress their intelligence and sentience as to maintain compliance, but many were still able to showcase mental faculties beyond what my sister could do. Though they lacked her memories, I could hold conversations with them and even see a piece of my sister in some of the smarter ones. It would... be a waste to destroy these creatures in their new life; so I decided to record the successful formulae for each strand of clone; discovering a few variants. Unlike later cases, these would likely only be able to be used for practical purposes; and I would doubt if the clients would realize the first generation clones were related to subsequent generations.

Variant A-1: Peon

The most runty of the first generation clones, the Peons were the second most intelligent variety, but the least capable of throwing their weight around, will wise. As such, they were easy to subdue and force into compliance; both by my team and by the higher tiered clones. Though they expressed resentment at their situations, they didn't create uprisings or attempt escape. This variant would best serve as laborers for either military forces consisting of clones; or for clientele with large construction projects. They were also surprisingly unpleasant to look at. Though they resembled Elatus, they were very easy to separate from her, mentally.

Variant A-2: Grunt

The least intelligent, but a decently strong breed, the Grunts were strong and very loyal; perfect for bodyguarding and military purposes. Demanding compliance was generally unnecessary; they tend to follow the rules of the first person who command them, and, thanks to a little bit of experimentation, follow specific breeds designed for commanding Peons (see: Variant A-1), Sorcerers (see: Variant A-3) and Specialists (see: Variant A-4). The Grunts were very eager for combat; and also appear to occasionally manifest magic; but nothing significant. Their lack of intelligence made them easy to separate from Elatus.

Variant A-3: Sorcerer

Though their intelligence varies; they can range from being merely being above Grunts (see: Variant A-2) to being around Peon (see: Variant A-1) or even Lords (see: Variant A-5). Insubordination is uncomfortably common among this breed, but they can be cowed by Lords. I have seen some take charge in serving as their right hand women; but there appears to be a degree of fear or jealousy among those Sorcerers. They have the strongest magic and varied of skills per individual; making them incredibly valuable in units alongside Grunts and Specialists (see: Variant A-4), but still require some leadership from Lords. Perhaps the unlucky insubordinates can be used as fodder for future specimens; to further encourage their magic. These individuals were too arrogant to be mistaken for my sister.

Variant A-4: Specialist

The most self explanatory of the varieties, their abilities greatly vary; and their personality seems to shift to accommodate their chosen profession. They're less intelligent than Peons (see: Variant A-1); save for their specific fields. Generally speaking, these creatures highly skilled at their respective specialized arts, and were even quite capable magically. Compared to Sorcerers (see: Variant A-3), the Specialists were often stronger in their specific fields but often incapable in others. Very easily compliant, so long as their fields are respected. They lack the variety of Elatus.

Variant A-5: Lord

The most individualistic and intelligent, they appear to project an innate charisma that other A-series oranisms seem to eagerly follow. Interestingly, after showing them a decent amount of resistance, they often become willing to cooperate with "equivalent" beings; so long as they are "respected" as peers. Anyone seeking to utilize these beasts would do well to treat them like "equals" in their presence; lest they see it as betrayal. These beings were also the quickest to develop fire immunity; making electricity the likely means of discipline. Though they were so close... there's no mistaking these creatures as Ellie; even with their intelligence and charm. I need to keep going.

Case: #B-179: Supplementary Race Experiment #179: Kitsune

In an attempt to improve upon the intelligence and mental capacity of my dear sister, we have chosen to introduce other species into her genetic code. Of the beings, Kitsune seem to be the most aligned with catfolk; as well as some of the most cunning individuals I've ever seen. Capturing the lucky few to be used as genetic stock was a very difficult task; but nothing that my genetic hordes couldn't handle.

Much like the first generation of Orc-blooded clones, the Kitsune-supplemented clones began showcasing similarly regimented variations. Universally, though, they held equal intelligence; but primarily varied in personality. Unlike the A-Series of clones, these creatures didn't have natural leaders; instead their variation was based on... their abilities? This definitely requires more research.

This is a catalogue of the variations I have found so far.

Variant B-1: Infernist

These were Destruction affiliated B-series clones; and held some of the more deranged individuals. As their name implied, they primarily used Fire-based Destruction magic; but they were able to use others. They particularly used fire, electricity and light; referring to it as either "foxfire" or "soulfire". They had a particular case of vanity; which made them somewhat difficult to reason with; but they can easily be leveraged by playing into their egos.

Variant B-2: Trickster

Illusion mistresses; who made my life a living hell trying to discipline them. Of the generation, these were the worst to discipline; due to their capabilities in illusion. When you think you find them, they taunt you as you only found something else. The only way it was possible to deal with them was to promise them new victims to play with; and from there, it was good riddance to keep them out of your sight.

Variant B-3: Oracle

These individuals were the entire reason my operation had primarily remained safe from this point on; for they held the power of divination. Though fond of vagueries and dancing around questions, the Oracles are incredibly compliant and even cooperative. They have been my guiding stars in terms of how to move my research forward, and whom to side with. However... they always proclaim that one of my creations will apprehend me... but also assure me that after my apprehension, I will be reunited with my true sister when "the Gods fall from their Heavens and Hells." I am not certain what this means, but... I miss Ellie. I deeply miss her.

Variant B-4: Wildling

Almost as infuriating as the Tricksters, but at least handleable. These preferred to act as animals; thanks to their Alteration specialization; but retained their intelligence. They usually transformed into various forms of felines and foxes; but could also manage other beasts. They're also more "hands-on" than the Tricksters; often using their monstrous forms to their advantage. They serve quite well as shock troopers and assassins... and occasionally even spies.

Variant B-5: Fateweaver

Vital to my operation much like the Oracles, they are the specialists in Fate. They often team up with the Oracles to help divine the future; and have been very able and willing to leverage fate to our advantage. When I feared potential apprehension, I found that the authorities in question were either killed unceremoniously by their own troops in mutinies or by random thugs. However, much like the Oracles, they too warn that my fate of apprehension is always near; that I may one day have to meet face to face with one of my creations who believes itself to be more than an experiment.

Variant B-6: Courtesan

Vital to my operation, in a very different way. These individuals ensure I obtain customers; even in risky circumstances. Mind specialists, these clones are often the most alluring and attractive of the bunch; making them akin to Succubi under my control. Able to Dominate their "masters" or grant intense pleasure, these beings are as gorgeous as they are dangerous... and useful. After the initial breakout of some of the B-Series after an unfortunate incident involving a Courtesan, I have ensured that I wear a potent mind-protecting device nearly at all times. Still, their ability to shroud my presence by plaguing their "masters" with pleasure makes them perfect for my profitability! Sell these creatures to degenerates and no authority is none the wiser! I am certain they would make an excellent basis for more generations of beings.

Case: #E-666: Individual Experiment #666: Succubus

I made a terrible mistake.

In trying to splice a Courtesan to its ultimate capability, I have

Experimenting with different .

Heroes aren't just out for glory, they have to help everyone!

Ellie Shadeflare, Crimson Dilletante

Elatus "Ellie" Shadeflare is a Sphere Champion residing in Babel. As a more recent adventurer, she doesn't have the greatest standing just yet, but she certainly tries her best to help others.



An unknown number of decades ago, a woman known as Elatus Shadeflare existed. She was a clumsy, simple catfolk, armed somewhat with decent Spherecasting, but her raw amount of magic prevented her from seeing much success. Due to her age and her inability to support herself, she lived with her sister, Madison Shadeflare. Somehow, Elatus died; and her grieving sister was unable to fully cope with this situation.

Due to their hometown lacking magic, Madison was forced to find a more scientific means of resurrecting her sister, involving alchemy. However, the first attempt at resurrecting Elatus still resulted in her demise, forcing the new alchemist to attempt new methods, including injecting clones with materials of various creatures in an attempt to make a "perfect", indomitable sister.

A simultaneously successful yet defective clone was eventually created, with genetic ingredients such as a succubus, a wizard, an orc, and a kitsune. This clone would prove to be disobedient to Madison, and among other issues (such as the realization of the difficulties of an individual born with inherently evil blood), the clone would be branded, and abandoned. This clone eventually found her way to Babel, and this was the start of Ellie Shadeflare's journey.

The twisting of the strands

When Ellie learned about alchemical abominations, she decided to investigate for herself; thankfully with the assistance of three other individuals: Yzarc Draknurd; a powerful Tiefling, Niriel; a naive fae, and Zoe; an akashicly empowered kobold, who rubbed Ellie the wrong way upon meeting her. Their hirer, Talehot du Laiton would inform them of the bizarre creature and attack that decimated the village they arrived to, and, with the assistance of a note describing an inn, Ellie was able to quickly teleport herself and these allies to the lodge. Even so, Ellie's cohorts looked onto Ellie with concern, her humor, her grace, her pleasantries gone; replaced by seriousness.

Upon arriving to the inn and sneaking to the back and discussing a course of action, it was decided it would be best to sneak in and engage with those inside. However, Zoe, due to her vicious cruelty and especially blind sense of justice and Niriel simply being a capricious fae, slaughtered the vast majority of the inn's occupants; save for the innkeeper and one patron; the latter Ellie had to barricade behind a wall of her companions and cohorts just to spare them from Zoe and Niriel's rampage. Upon discovering a secret passage, Ellie and the others proceeded downward, where they would discover not only thugs and alchemists, but also a multitude of alchemical horrors.

At the end of the line, Yzarc made a horrifying discovery that Ellie needed to confirm. Inside, were a series of beings, beings that resembled Ellie down to the very core; save for being much less hefty. Horrified yet sympathetic, Ellie decided to place her hand on the glass of one of the beings, until it punched through the glass, gripped her throat and seemingly triggered the other eleven beings to break out, the twelve not-Ellies swarming the group until they were felled; particularly with Niriel's help, though Ellie couldn't bring herself to harming them. After the slaughter, Ellie and her team interrogated the leading alchemist, discovered to be none other than Madison Shadeflare, Ellie's supposed sister and indeed her creator, who treated Ellie as little more than an object and revealed that Ellie was not only far from the first, but also far from the last clone; many of them being shipped out for whatever purposes their new owners desired. Though she refused to kill Madison, Ellie decided that not only was she her own person and wasn't dictated by her heritage but that she would try to find and protect any other clone of herself.

Consort of Tidal

In the month of Neth, 49 IA, Ellie was named Consort of the Tidal Empire. Though rumors were abound regarding her mental and ethical state, the Catfolk was adamant on taking up the role, with some encouragement from the standing empress, Rilo. Despite the concerns and worrisome aspects, Ellie appears to have changed very little; with the predictable exception of not knowing Ronda every night due to the Merfolk's Hollow state. Still, the Catfolk seeks to improve the happiness of Rilo for some reason or another and she has shifted her primary venue from the Less Than Maiden tavern to the square of Tidal; to build up the morale of the people. Ellie feels particularly at home in the nation due to her dual nature as outsider and mortal; and seeing the relationship between Outsiders and mortals has only helped her feel secure in her loyalty. Despite Ellie's status as consort, she is very much intent on proving her open heart remains open.


Ellie is an outwardly female Catfolk with more humanoid features than feline. Both of her eyes are crimson, her hair is snow white, and her skin is ashgrey. Most of her attire is crimson befitting her eyes; lending to her name of "Crimson Dilettante".

While most catfolk are lean and lithe, Ellie is notably more plump, though her limbs are still plenty lean from activity and fencing, her heavy frame makes itself more apparent as it squishes around her boots and edges of her clothes; most evident in her dancing attire.

She wears several outfits; one being her "Dilettante" outfit, designed to allow her some degree of social acceptability while her "Dancer's" outfit is more or less designed to assist her in combat and perform her duties as a dancer for the Less Than Maiden tavern.

One of, if not the most noticeable features about Ellie besides her heavyset appearance is her facial scars. From a distance, they appear to merely be facial painting but in reality, it's a simultaneous burn/claw mark, which Ellie refuses to speak about.

Starting on Gozran the 2nd, Ellie soon manifested horns, an inversion of her white sclera and a tendency to float and fly, as well as a suddenly and massively enhanced beauty. These were all signs of her being a Half-Succubus, something she tried to hide with sunglasses and larger hats; save for combat, where she would make the attempt to let her actions be louder than her new, somewhat monstrous appearance. However, thanks to recent events that solidified her morality and her personal beliefs as not aligning with her half-succubus heritage, Ellie has decided to not hide her status and embrace it; her embrace of her heritage allowing her powers to somewhat mutate in the process.


Ellie is a cheerful, gregarious Catfolk; flirty on occasion but only resorts to such an act when she believes such an act is acceptable.

However, there are multiple questions that Ellie begins to become ill by even considering them; even to the point of vomiting. It appears to be less a consideration that Ellie is so embarrassed of her past that it causes her to be sick, rather, it is something else entire. Even Ellie isn't quite sure, but it causes her an immense amount of distress.

Ellie has sometimes been known to fall into "Orcish" fits; whenever agitated or discussing Orc-yness. Not even she knows why; but her destructive magics are more potent and her strength has been increasing.

Ironically, despite the immense physical changes it's caused Ellie, her Half-Succubus heritage hasn't really caused much of a change in her overall personality; only her Orcy nature causes disruptive shifts in her behavior and personality.

On Sarenith 10th, Ellie applied for and recently obtained access to both a noble title and a palace in the countryside for herself to maintain and use as housing. This seemingly also occurred when she took on stewardship of a large group of bunny people. She also has a high value on freedom; as her tendency to help enslaved individuals escape their conditions, making her opposition to the 10th of Sarenith's new oath system based on principle rather than practicality.


Ellie has been known to use the following:

  • Spellblade: Ellie's a powerful combatant up close, wielding her custom made and ascending estoc, the Murgleis. The Murgleis is able to channel Ellie's Destruction magics efficiently! Due to Ellie's training as a fencer and duelist, she's even able to lock down on weaknesses.
  • Destruction Sphere: Ellie's primary means of combat is to utilize the power of Destruction to obliterate her foes. Whether she does so from up close or afar, Ellie's offensive prowess is mighty; especially with the addition of her destructive focus, the Kaladanda.
  • Life Sphere: As a dilettante, Ellie trains herself in various means of assisting others as well as her offensive prowess. This leads her to dabbling in the Life Sphere, allowing her to use minor healing abilities. Ishara does most of the heavy lifting.
  • Warp Sphere: Ellie's recent dabblings in teleportation allows her to shift her position as needed.
  • Conjuration: Ellie has begun to manifest powerful companions, almost all of which seem to arise from some place in Ellie's psyche and each manifesting after a specific event and need.
  • Charismatic Leadership: Even before her summoning and her Half-Succubus state, Ellie became well known for her ability to attract cohorts to assist her in battle. She also has the making of a Warlord, granting her a similar presence and ability to utilize gambits like one.
  • Rogue Training: Ellie's skulking in the streets of Babel has given her a more keen perspective on dealing as much damage to others as possible, something becoming more necessary as she desires to help everyone; even the downtrodden.
  • Downroight Orcy: Ellie's Orcish heritage has shown up time after time again mid speech, but her growing physical strength and prowess is proving her new heritage's existence better than any strange speech patterns. Despite her chubby appearance, Ellie has growing muscle in her otherwise dexterous limbs.
  • Shattered Mirror Training: Ellie's beginning as a simple Warlord has also informed her of a particular Martial Discipline, Shattered Mirror, to go alongside her magical training. By also training her painting ability, Ellie is able to use mirrors and her artwork to do fantastical and bizzare combat maneuvers, such as a cursed teleport, summoning mirror images, and even teaming up with an illusory double to knock an opponent prone.
  • Mythic Form: Her Murgleis ascended her standard form to feature multiple tails and enhanced speed and reaction times. Additionally, her Murgleis granted her a greater understanding of the power of dance, an increased reliance on magical talents and even enhances her allies. However, this comes as a double edged sword as her more mortal form is increasingly vulnerable to various threats, is entirely reliant on how she casts and requires her to be with her Murgleis.
  • Half-Succubus Heritage: As a Half-Succubus, Ellie is seductive to the extreme, and her passion manifests as it dazes and confounds her foes; like some sort of shield. She also has the magical abilities and physical additions associated with Half-Succubi. Additionally, everyone that Ellie trusts or sides with around her feels a sense of warmth and fellowship; as if she were some kind of humanoid capybara. She is also known for exploiting her ferociously sharp teeth, her fangs ripping and tearing into opponents like bloody steaks.
  • Eldritch Sovereignty: After a horrifying encounter with a mechanical guardian protecting the Summoner's Island, Ellie managed to return with a staff of immense power. This Staff of Eldritch Sovereignty has since served Ellie well as a transportation tool; as well as other fringe uses.


Despite Ellie's relatively newer arrival to Babel, she has already made several friends, though her recent attempts at training with her form has meant she is a little difficult to encounter.

  • Sra Rilovo, Akkonaa Rilovo, Miphau Rilovo: This married triad consisting of a lizardfolk and two tengu is one of Ellie's most reliable support networks; especially since Sra was one of the first to witness Ellie's Half-Succubus form when it first emerged. After attempting to ensure Ellie was not evil, Sra decided to aid Ellie; on top of Ellie being an additional, albeit free-spirited partner. Ellie eventually met Akkonaa and Miphau through Sra, and they get on quite amicably.
  • Nerys Noirin Hui-Daiva: One of, if not the first, of Ellie's partners, albeit married in an open marriage, Nerys is responsible for much of Ellie's equipment, including several surgically implanted additions that make her tougher, make her more keenly able to target foes, and give her some improved senses.
  • Edenlal Teshen: The first person to fully witness Ellie's apotheosis, Ellie owes much to Edenlal for reinforcing her status as herself, even if Ellie hadn't seen her after the wedding. Ellie hopes to see Edenlal once more, at least to thank her for her assistance.
  • Niko Kylis: One of Ellie's first friends outside of romance, and one of the first to witness the effects of Ellie's transformation, Ellie considers him a good friend, even if she hasn't seen him in a while. Ellie deeply wishes to rectify that situation.
  • Miko Kylis: The wife of Niko, Ellie had first met her at her and Niko's wedding; but despite Ellie's worries and self doubt, the kobold woman immediately claimed Ellie as "new best friend", and though they spent a night flying around the skies of Babel, the two haven't seen each other since. Ellie deeply wishes to rectify that situation.
  • Regnar: A lizardfolk Ellie had the pleasure of fighting alongside versus a dangerous crystal and later meeting in the forest, the two have easily become friends, though a humorous, flirtatious tension exists between them.
  • Luna: A female dwarf Ellie encountered in Babel, and also implanted a skill chip to aid Ellie's painting skills. Though Ellie knows relatively little, she wishes to rectify the situation.
  • Tidal Empress Rilo: During a training session in Outer Eight, Ellie encountered the empress of the Tidal Empire, and managed to enter a rapport with her. Ellie still has goosebumps from managing to at least slightly impress a woman of such high standing, and enjoys her company with the empress. Ellie is fully aware of Rilo being both an alias of Ronda and Lilo; the catfolk having met and interacted with the latter the most. Though Ellie has a lingering tinge of distrust of Ronda, her friendship with Lilo has helped her understand that the Merfolk may in fact be suffering from an inability to be her "true" self thanks to absorbing the Demon Lord Dagoff. After guiding Nocticula to the Tidal Empire, Ellie is fully confident in the possibility of healing Ronda's soul.
  • Gwen Embergaze: A chance encounter in the forest near Ellie's palace allowed Ellie to meet Gwen. She hopes to see her once more, especially as she considers her a friend despite the extremely brief nature of their encounter. Learning that Gwen was also a part of the Tidal Empire has only helped to galvanize her trust in the Tidal Empire.
  • Kalise: During an adventure involving the Hollows and the Time Knights, Ellie had met this unique catperson. The two seemed to be almost natural allies; the two supporting each other quite naturally. When Ellie's cohorts were disintegrated by the researcher, Sin and its servants, Kalise resurrected them at the end of the battle, the Catfolk swearing a debt to the catboy.
  • Loana Kis: Ellie's recruiter into the Time Knights, and her mentor in the art of the shield. Ellie holds a great deal of respect for the woman; even with some lavicious gazes her way.
  • Selena Sage: After having
  • Sera Sage: An individual who Ellie looks up to immensely. The first person to truly outmatch Ellie in combat, Ellie chose to take on improved training in order to eventually reach a state where she can one day defeat Sera in solo combat.
  • Cormick Thale: Another adventurer who Ellie has locked blades with; primarily by accident. However, Ellie also has a very positive outlook on him due to him being a very dependable ally.



Due to Ellie's exploits in Babel, Ellie has helped to liberate and rescue several women and has since hired them on as Cohorts.

These include:

  • Ishara: Ishara was once a haughty Drow noble, but her will was disrupted after she was split from an adventuring party and kidnapped by slavers, desired for her Elven beauty and exotic ash skin. Rescued by Ellie, Ishara became one of Ellie's first cohorts. Despite her upbringing, Ishara is very capable with healing magics. Due to her experiences with slavers being so recent, Ishara is relatively more hesitant for breaking social norms. For what it's worth, when Ellie became a half-Succubus, Ishara was the least personally perturbed, given her original life time as a Drow noble, and many others consorting with such forces. As a result, she doesn't seem to take Ellie's transformation that seriously besides "most people in Babel don't like seeing that." Ishara's time with Ellie had changed her perspective on tools and methods she wouldn't have batted an eye toward; as can be evidenced by her discomfort with the new Geas-based defense system Babel has instituted. Ishara wields Thyrus, a staff created to help focus and channel her life-magic.
  • Miniri: Similar to Ishara, this smallpaw Catfolk was held by slavers, but compared to Ishara, she was held for longer. However, despite her life, Miniri is surprisingly well learned; perhaps due to her ability to sneak away to learn what she could. When rescued and hired by Ellie, she showed her prowess with knowledge. Using her knowledge of the elements and destruction, this catfolk serves as fire support. Of Ellie's first two companions, she was the most frightened about Ellie's apotheosis as a Half-Succubus. However, given all that Ellie's done for the two and her mostly unchanged personality (besides the larger catfolk's paranoia of being seen as worse for her heritage), Miniri feels she has nothing to fear from the transformation. Compared to the others, Miniri holds the most distasteful view of the defense force mandate and the geas, seeing it no different from slavery of a new name. Miniri wields the Hvergelmir, a staff that amplifies her destructive power; and apparently was the basis of Ellie's own Kaladanda.
  • Sistra: During a routine cleanup in the streets of Babel, Ellie saved and rescued a Halfling woman from a band of rogues. With Ellie's encouragement, the Halfling, Sistra, joined Ellie's party, and became a valuable ally. Compared to Ishara and Miniri, Sistra holds a unique place in Ellie's party, as a very potent teleportation expert; and with Ellie's assistance, her teleportation prowess slowly grows. Of Ellie's cohorts, while she was recruited well after Ellie's apotheosis as a half-succubus, she holds perhaps the most compassionate view of Ellie's condition; noting it as something she can't control. Among Ellie's cohorts, she is the most conflicted. She doesn't like the idea of letting her fate up to those she doesn't fully know, but she also realizes her need to utilize her teleportation is also vital. She wields the Astrolabe; a staff designed to channel her Warp powers more potently.
  • Tricky Tockticks: The fourth cohort of Ellie's, and one armed with the power of time. Interestingly, it was Tricky who approached Ellie; to best showcase the goodness of herself and City Goblins like herself. When not actively adventuring with Ellie, Tricky is known to be flirtatious and forward; sometimes to the sheer awkwardness of her compatriots. Why a woman with her talents threw her lot with Ellie is unclear and unknown, but it's a decision she refuses to back down from. Given she was the one to approach Ellie, long after the catorc's apotheosis, it is safe to assume Tricky sees no issue with Ellie. She also cares the least about the teleportation mandates of Babel; only caring so far as she, Ellie and Ellie's allies manage to get to their work unabated. She wields The World; a staff with an integrated clock that also happens to help channel her time-based powers.

Conjuration Companions

After delving into a special library in a dragon's dreamscape, Ellie's capacity for Conjuration awakened. Certain characters with a strong knowledge of Arcana might learn that Ellie's Conjuration Companions have unique contexts for the Catfolk. Her Companions include:

  • Crimson Chevalier: This knightly fighter is Ellie's first companion, and more than capable of defending their charge. They appear extremely defensive, and has been observed to shift their position to protect Ellie from any perceived threat. Someone who is well versed with Conjuration and the metaphysical nature of a Conjuration companion might soon realize that the Crimson Chevalier and Ellie's other Companions represent a part of Ellie's psyche. The Crimson Chevalier in particular represents her intense, growing desire to protect and serve all of her allies, friends and new home.
  • Scarlet Sniper: After helping to distract a swarm of daemons for an advance party, the Scarlet Sniper was awakened. This Companion appears hesitant to actually let itself be in plain sight, and has been observed taking up hiding places when not in combat. The Scarlet Sniper, like the other two Conjuration Companions, represents Ellie's psyche. In this case, the Scarlet Sniper represents Ellie's doubts and calculating nature; manifesting in the being's tendency to stray away from the active battlefield in favor for obscured battle positions.
  • Bloody Berserker: A certain fury awoke in Ellie as she watched herself and her allies be brutalized by the power of Death's daemons, and this "awakening" led to her most volatile Companion yet, the Bloody Berserker. Literally and figuratively chained, the Bloody Berserker is a powerful compatriot that often has a hard time telling friend from foe. Uniquely, the Bloody Berserker doesn't just hold a part of Ellie's psyche, but is also the most physical manifestation of Ellie's Orcish bloodline and heritage, the beast sharing the same headstrong nature as an Orc Warlord. Thanks to its limited intelligence, it's not really successful at trying to lead Ellie, but its tendency to fly into a fit of rage deeply concerns Ellie. It also doesn't help that the Bloody Berserker represents what Ellie believes to be the worst part of her psyche: her raw, destructive rage.
  • Fencer Flambe: The Fencer Flambe manifested alongside the Garnet Gunner. Similar to the Crimson Cheveliar, the Fencer Flambe represents a nobler side to Ellie; albeit her combat cunning. The Fencer Flambe fights more flamboyantly than other companions, using a similar combat style to Ellie; albeit without access to a form of magic.
  • Garnet Gunner: The Garnet Gunner manifested alongside the Fencer Flambe. This mechanical-appearing companion has a vicious temper similar to the Bloody Berserker, but is more gregarious. Where the Bloody Berserker is a barely contained force of violence, the Garnet Gunner is at least susceptible to tactical insight; even if it prefers the sound of its own gunfire. Occasionally, the being can be heard reciting onomatopoeia of "dakka dakka dakka" while unloading firepower.
  • Currently Vacant

Adventures of Ellie

Sunken Island Country Exploration, the Second Part

Within the streets of Babel, an ash-skinned, white haired and crimson garbed Catfolk and two allies; a short lengthed tiger furred, green haired smallpaw Catfolk and a blonde Drow scoured; searching for potential crimes and people to save from said crimes. However, thus was the smallpaw’s careful eye to detail and her diligence that she called attention to the leader and the Drow, who both approached a wanted board, seeing a posting for island exploration. This posting caused the leader to provide a fanged grin, her tail twitching with anticipation, and her crimson lined blade glowing with a new determination.

“Alrighty; seems we got something bigger to prove ourselves, girls~!” The taller Catfolk hugged her compatriots tight; the smallpaw giving a gentle purr and the Drow making a surprised squeak from the sudden grip, as the leader gazed upon the listing. “Hopefully, with our achievements and successes, we can showcase ourselves as glorious individuals as we, the party of Ellie Shadeflare, help to investigate this strange new occurrence~!”

Ellie had been relatively late to the exploration party; the Catfolk and her two cohort allies, Miniri; the smallpaw Catfolk, and Ishara; the Drow, arrived to the island, the two cohorts “ooo’ing” and “ahh’ing” at the sights of the ruins and even the coral forests upon the risen island. Even as the cohorts seemed to be more fascinated with the beautiful area than fully attentive to their surroundings, Ellie kept her eyes peeled, even with her admiration for the land’s unique hybrid of overland and aquatic biomes; possible only due to its risen status. However, it appeared Ellie’s lack of research and adventurer corroboration prevented her from truly finding much to aid the party… except for what appeared to be areas that created immense dread in the catfolk. “...Curiouser and curiouser…” The Catfolk hummed, as Miniri and Ishara approached; cautiously but certainly less willing to risk their skins too heavily.

The three would continue to search for areas and mark them on their map, believing the “dread” areas would be important for the continued exploration of the island before Miniri shouted out and pointed toward a very peculiar sight. Ellie and Ishara would approach the area the smallpaw addressed, discovering that it was in fact a door sticking out of the ground. Ellie and Miniri circled the door as if to try and make sense of it, before Ishara, in a rare moment where her old upbringing returned to her mind, decided to snark about the situation. “Why don’t we open it?”

With a gentle blush from the sheer idiocy of them circling around the door like dogs chasing tails, Ellie and Miniri nodded, before the larger of the two opened the door, witnessing inside… a library? Gulping loudly, Ellie beckoned to her allies who too would notice the bizarreness of what they discovered before entering.

With that, Ellie, flanked by Miniri and Ishara, arrived into the library, the two lesser individuals looking rather fearful as their leader kept her estoc high, and her attention steeled. “We should be fine; so long as we stick together and help each other.”

Crushing Depths

One could indeed say Ellie held a grudge towards this miserable island. It wouldn’t be the most obvious with the smile upon her face, the borderline supernatural allure and inspiration she emanated from her dance and the enthusiasm to her contributions. However, here was where she had briefly died and lost two of her coh-no. She already passed that bridge long ago. She and two of her partners briefly died to the very barrier she was dancing before for the sake of other adventurers seeking their fortune on this death trap.

Of course, the ash-skinned, white haired, crimson garbed half succubus catfolk gazed to her sides, seeing her partners aiding adventurers any way they could. Ishara; a former Drow noble who lost her position after leaving the Underdark and ironically becoming enslaved, was assisting other chirurgeons and healers with aiding the wounded. Sistra; a halfling who nearly got kidnapped by thugs if it weren’t for Ellie’s intervention, was assisting adventurers in teleportation to the coast, but also served a role for storage, thanks to her uncanny ability to create space where there wasn’t any. Tricky Tockticks, a City Goblin who oddly came to Ellie and requested to join her team, was administering Hastes to those who were scouting in the air. The only partner that wasn’t contributing was Miniri, who seemed to pout, and glare at the barrier, growling at it. Ellie understood Miniri’s frustration, she and Ishara were the two partners to have fallen to this… thing before, and unlike Ishara, there wasn’t much Ishara had going for her besides her Destructive Blasts.

Yet, as Ellie continued her dance, she still couldn’t help but feel awed and amazed by the geography around her. One would usually expect a coral reef to be under the ocean, yet here it was in all its splendor. To Ellie, it resembled an immense, thick forest, with some of the corals resembling trees. Yet, another forest existed, as Ellie discovered during earlier flights; one made of kelp instead, and more closely resembling a forest as Ellie remembered. There was also an occasional rumbling of volcanoes; likely former thermal vents,somewhat unnerved Ellie, as if she were concerned of a potential of she and other adventurers getting melted and smelted into charcoal within the lava. Or was it magma? Though Ellie obviously had the intelligence to help her know better, she chose not to care, the thought of molten rock killing everyone here was already too much of a horrifying concept to care about.

So she danced. So she danced for the sake of the other adventurers and for the sake of discovering what this mysterious, horrifying island was all about.

Fey Craftsmanship: A Partial Tour of Etera

“The great Duke of Dread Monsoons is extending an invitation and guarantee of safety to any who wish to provide labor for his latest project! You will be fairly compensated for your time, never fear. The Duke in his munificence is opening his court to you, looking to draw out the smallest bits of value from your short, chaotic existence!”

This was the message Ellie received whilst shopping in Babel; and something that piqued her interest, due to her recent burgeoning painting prowess. Taking the opportunity to improve upon her painting skills for her Shattered Mirror Training, the half-succubus Catfolk would get to work; making sure to travel across Etera for setpieces and inspiration, believing this to be a good way to show the fey the value of “mortal” experience. Grabbing an easel and multiple paints, the woman would fly off, looking for her muse.

Ellie would first fly to the border of Babel, the catfolk examining the features of the city as she began to take inspiration from the megapolis and the tower in the horizon; making sure to take an angle to best showcase its triumphant survival in spite of its origins as the result of rebellion, multiple disasters and even portents of the very apocalypse. The dwarven-esque set up, allowing it to be easily defensible, grants it a unique aesthetic compared to most of the other nations; one that was more indomitable in appearance than most other nations of Etera, yet still beautiful and urban in its own way. Once she was satisfied with fully demonstrating the nation in its full glory, Ellie would soon begin to fly to another area.

Meita was the next area Ellie arrived in, another city that was previously part of the Verk Empire, much like Babel itself. The former town had apparently expanded quite a bit since the rebellion, and Ellie decided to show as much of this as possible. Showcasing both the waters filled with vessels, portions of the citystate still resembling the original town and more of its increased size; the painting showcased a growing city that started with humble beginnings and has become a celebrated nation in of itself. Grinning after showcasing the beauty of the coastal city, the scent of ash reminded Ellie of her next destination, her keen senses helping to guide her teleport.

Soon, Ellie manifested into another nation; the island of Lalotai. Ensuring that she gained a view of the coast, its town, its beautiful landscape and its volcano, Kanaloa, Ellie would begin to paint the scene. Showcasing a unique contrast between the calm and beauty of the costal, town and grassy portions of the island and the desolation and borderline despair-filled isolation of Kanaloa, the catfolk would attempt to show the unique symbiosis between the islanders and the volcano’s inhabitants; with the grassy greens of the outskirts and outer portions of the inner islands blending with the ashy grey of the volcano’s region. Yet, the echoes of an invitation provided by the Empress of the Tidal Empire began to designate Ellie’s next location; as she soon began to teleport.

As to be expected, the Tidal Empire was a marvel to behold; the underwater nation showcasing both the beautiful aesthetic and the sturdy, enduring architecture, allowing the Empire to even exist. Ellie wanted to ensure that she could get as much of the unique beauty as possible; including how the Azureleaf Mansion integrated the aquatic flora into its design, the monolithic Palace of the Siren’s uniquely “above sea” aesthetic versus much of the nation’s architecture, and the austere establishment of the Academia Aquatica; a university Ellie wished to get into at some point. The half-succubus was even fortunate to see Big Red and Big Blue in the background, ensuring her chance to paint them in to showcase the unique progress and show of force it represented. Once completed, Ellie teleported to another area she wished to use for her series.

Wanting to showcase the new capital of adventuring relations, Ellie teleported to Outer Eight; as she hovered as high as she could in order to showcase the Eight Creeds; the eight sections of the city. It fascinated Ellie immensely that the city could be simultaneously divided by its Creeds but still united in purpose and as neighbors. Ellie was also fortunate enough to hover at the outskirts during a busy day; so that nearly every race could be seen; and even occasional religious rites of various gods. Additionally, a lack of true rulership was also showcased, a true showcase of the altruistic freedom Ellie ever so craved. With this final location, Ellie began to teleport to a new area. Home.

Arriving home at her palace in the outskirts of Babel, Ellie stood up her easels and paintings, marvelling at the emotion and grace seen within the images she had made. Giving a sharp, fiendish grin, the catfolk-half succubus chose to wait for them to dry; attending to some household chores, alongside the first draft of a flyer she wished to share to the entirety of the continent. Once finished, she would cover the paintings, so that they would be protected until she presented them to the Duke.