World of Babel Wiki

This page is to hold ideas regarding the common races of Babel until they can be fleshed out. There won't be racial wiki pages; these races will simply be folded into the lore of the locations given to them here. Whoever writes the location page can expand, or detract from these notes as needed.

And players can get a better idea of where their character comes from in the meantime by referencing this.


  • As with Golarion elves are not native to Babel.
  • Are scattered across the continent, with no clear central society
  • Mostly integrated into other societies
  • Coming Soon: The High Elves


  • Hold the Merovingian mountains which nestle the empire's capital.
  • They never stood a chance.


  • Inhabit from the northern mountains within the wild lands

Other Races

We still have an entire world to populate and I hesitate to add kitsune, catfolk, etc. Obviously that's not saying they don't exist, just that they don't have the numbers on Etera to control a significant territory.

Monstrous Races


  • Can be found within any wild lands but typically the northern mountains
  • Kobolds are found with them obviously.
  • LE dragons are within the empire's employ, or at least have some sort of agreement.
  • Chaotic dragons are as much in hiding as the rebels


  • Typically only appear within wildlands obviously.

Underdark Races

  • They exist. And just like every other fiction they will barely get fleshed out because its hard to describe lands and territories underground. No map can accurately depict it unless you've got a 3d projector and even then it'd be a mess...