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Created by a small collective of Adventurers looking to make a safe haven for those who would need it, Erebus was created in a peculiar location. A massive chunks of land with a huge vein of a strange ore that interacts with gravity in odd ways. This ore allows the land around it to float as if by magic but without any such traces of the stuff, it can also be mined and refined into small pieces of jewellery that give the wearer a connection with creatures of the air.


The Republic of Erebus was founded after the discovery of the new Continent of Siacros. When looking for a place to settle, the Founders chose the strange floating island as their home. Naming their city Erebus and becoming a Republic to better suite their ideals, the Founders set out to discover this new continents mysteries from the top of this floating rock.

A member of the Founders, Maldrik Shiarza, propped up the infrastructure of Erebus using his noble house. In doing so his house became the main nobility within the burgeoning society, those that seek to trade within the city must have their goods and services approved by him or his house.


Atop the, yet unnamed, giant rock of earth and stone held together by the strange ore vein within, the very ground around Erebus has a strange anti-gravity effect. When the island stays still for a long amount of time, the terrain around it begins to break away from the earth and begin to float, somewhat orbiting the main island. This strange phenomenon makes the Republic a place of many different environments.


Erebus, the main city of this Republic, is a mixture of many different cultures. The starting of the city was humble, using the anti-gravity features of the island to funnel water upwards from the ground it prioritised canals and waterways when first created, allowing it's many farms to flourish happily regardless of the terrain around them.

Places of Interest

The "bank" of Erebus is a great place to see, given the kind nature of most it's citizens the Republics wealth is kept entirely in the open and in the form of a giant pile of gold. No true guards are posted and those who require a small amount of money are permitted to take some gold as long as they pay it back when they can. A strange thing has occurred however in that a tiny fairy has taken up residence on the gold pile. Nobody wants to tell this fairy she doesn't own the gold as it may hurt her feelings.


Never really needing to put on a show of militaristic might, threats to the people are dealt with quickly and without fanfare. Some say there's a kind of secret police, others point to the worshippers of Urgathoa not wanting competition, some saying the island itself wards of evil. Whoever is correct, it doesn't matter much, so far Erebus has been a peaceful society. They still have a strange sense of military secrets however.


The people and politics of Erebus are mostly gentle. Bonding with sky creatures is something the people are encouraged to do, allowing for a better method of travel within and around the city, and a healthy relationship for all. The flying races that reside on the island are welcome in the many inns and restaurants, small holidays even dedicated to watching the flying races perhaps acts of aerial acrobatics.


There are three main religions within Erebus, all three keeping a strange but healthy balance. Those who worship Urgathoa, a strange sect of the regular worship, are generally opposed in a comedic way by the worshippers of Chaldira. The Kind Stranger then smooths out these two by it's mellow worship of friend helping friend. The harsher religion keeping evil ones at bay, whilst the lighter religion keeping smiles on people's faces.