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Sorathel is an Empyrean Paragon angel and the most powerful servant of Iris, Goddess of the Dawn. Empyrean Paragons are among the greatest of all good outsiders, existing as the elite versions of the already high-ranking empyrean angels, and no deity has more than one in their service because a portion of divine power is infused into their creation. Unlike the aggressive Solars, however, Empyrean Paragons are usually calmer and do not take to the battlefield as often. Instead, they work as trusted operatives and faithfully serve their god to carry out tasks of importance. (Of course, they rarely need to fight because most enemies are unwilling to challenge a foe that could be as high as CR 30 before their mythic powers are factored in...)

Current Role

Sorathel is currently on a shift as the Keeper (head warden) of the Bastille of the Iron Lord, a prison facility designed to contain mythic creatures, unique demonspawn, and various other entities that people want to keep alive but are much too dangerous to store in a regular prison. She performs this job out of a sense of duty to her goddess and reliably completes all aspects of the position, but is looking forward to her shift as Keeper being over with.

As A Mythic Patron

As part of her duties as Keeper, Sorathel is willing to serve as a Mythic Patron for individuals working as Wardens for the Bastille of the Iron Lord. After all, it often takes a mythic creature to capture another one and bring it to justice. Sorathel is responsible but firm in her demands, even when they inconvenience those obeying her; among other things, her followers must uphold the Paladin's code of conduct (even if they are not Paladins) and regularly perform duties on behalf of the Bastille.