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The Starlight Union is a kingdom founded to serve as a neutral mercantile for the upcoming nations forming in the lands of Siacros. Though their primary function was a place to involve itself in the economic interactions between kingdoms; it has expanded it's neutrality to offer a branching business for tourism. Offering it's tropical climate as a vacation destination for those looking for comfort and relaxation instead.


The nation was founded by Taiyo as the current atmosphere in Babel felt bleak with the constant arising threats and dangers in the lands of Eterna. In the search of peace he conceived the idea of creating a city far from the chaos of Eterna to serve as a home. Having found several persons along his travels to mimic his opinion, it was quickly brought to reality with the backing of the Inevitability as they sought to assist individuals into inhabiting a newly discovered continent called Siacros. With the organization's assistance and backed by his fellow adventueres, Taiyo established the Starlight Union during the month of Eratus in the 45th year.


The initial lands selected to host the foundation of the Starlight Union were a string of islands nestled in between the two major bodies of Siacros. With the tropical climate and natural beauty mimicking the island of Lalotai, it served as an excellent starting location.


Paradise City as it stands is the Starlight Union, a place for peace and removal from the chaos surrounding the everchanging world. It serves as a location for commerce between continents as well, being located in between the two major bodies of land and may commonly open it's ports for those seeking a place to rest and restock along their journeys. The structures and layout of the city emphasize personal space and a certain quality of freedom from the common stresses of life.

Places of Interest

Alongside it's founding and given the heighten number of draconic beings serving as leadership, it comes to no surprise that a shrine for Apsu was constructed as a major religion in the Starlight Union. Paradise City serving to hold festivities and entertainment involving the worship of the Dragon God.


At the time, the Starlight Union's defenses primarily rely on the strengths of the leadership formed to protect the ideals of the kingdom. Though Akalis serves as the General of the Union.


Many that come to Paradise City to call it their home share the unique goal of the leaders that formed it. To have a place to separate themselves from the chaos outside as a fair amount of those initially founding the city were citizens of Babel during a bleak moment of it's history.

Given the desire for peace and harmony, the citizens typically practice personal space for those around them. Allowing individuals of different origins to come together and live their lives as they see fit, though several obvious laws were installed to maintain this relative peace.

Alongside protection from the world surrounding them, Taiyo maintained a goal to allow personal freedoms to be expressed without the harm of others. Giving an unique twist where practices like gambling and recreational herbs were practiced for those abiding to not cause issues for the peacekeepers that protect the streets.


The current leaders are

The Ruler: Taiyo

Co-Ruler: Kalise

Councilor: Ferrus

General: Akalis

Grand Diplomat: Sar'gon

High Priestess: Eclipse

Magister: Chloe

Marshal: Haru

Royal Enforcer: Zelyae

Spymaster: Daysen

Treasurer: Akkonna

Warden: Kyras

No heir has been announced yet.


The primary religion to have risen in the Union were the worshippers of Apsu, having gathered underneath the High Priestess Eclipse.

Though alongside their worship, Taiyo pushed for practicing religious tolerance for one another to grant freedom to follow which ever deity one may serve. Maintaining the belief that as long as the city's ideals were practiced to that religious activists may coexist.