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The Inevitability was once a secretive society within Babel, but has now become public knowledge due to its interest in founding kingdoms in other continents. It is believed that the Inevitability itself is funded by wealthy patrons within the city, and is also connected to the Inevitables. The Inevitability seeks to repopulate and rebuild the world. The Fall of the Verk Empire left a power vacuum that must be filled, and its destruction has stifled the world’s potential for growth and progress. 

Despite their lawful nature, however, the Inevitability is willing to work with even the most chaotic of beings if it means furthering their goals of rebuilding the world. In most instances, the Inevitability seeks to remain neutral in world affairs. They have no strong political leanings and refuse to enforce any agendas, outside of their desire to see growth across the world. Though they have no standing army, it is rumored that they do have the force needed to fight, should the need arise. 

The Inevitability hosts the United Embassy within the city of Babel, where all kingdoms are allowed to send their diplomats. Meetings are held regularly to discuss world affairs. The Inevitability’s members rarely speak at these meetings, other than to preside over the conversations and ensure they move smoothly. 

If another wealthy sponsor is not available, the Inevitability will be willing to help fund any kingdom, regardless of their overall goals. They grant each kingdom who is willing a starting amount of 50 BP and a permanent gate that teleports them directly to the United Embassy. They may also make requests or provide other recommendations should the need arise. Ultimately, obeying them is up to the leaders of the kingdoms they help to create.