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Symbol of the Riftstalkers

The Riftstalkers (Neutral Good)

Riftstalkers are hunters who specialize in dealing with extraplanar threats, with their primary focus on maintaining elemental balance across the cosmos. While they mainly revolve around Chronus, and more specifically, Etera, members exist from other worlds in their ranks. While Riftstalker backgrounds vary from character to character, they all share in common an affinity for druidism, whether they are shifters, hunters, rangers or druids. As protectors of elemental balance for the sake of Etera’s safety, they are good-aligned beings.


In recent times (roughly 40-45 years ago), a wandering shifter by the name of Valus Oakheart, honored the Green Faith by ensuring that the elemental forces remained in harmony. However, due to threats from far and beyond that would constantly threaten the elemental balance, he took it upon himself to deal with such threats personally. Overtime, the odds were increasing against him, and he knew that if he continued on his path, he would perish alone. As such, he began reaching out to others who were like-minded, until steadily, his support grew, as well as embracing new skills, abilities and tactics shared by the brethren that would join his quest. This growth and development of capabilities would lead to the creation of the group known as the Riftstalkers.

While they by no means possessed an army, they had enough specialized individuals to be able to help maintain some semblance of order, even across multiple planes. To provide a safe haven for elemental forces in need, they created the demiplane known as Viridia.

Over time, the Riftstalkers would meet and interact with a variety of adventurers and factions, including the Time Knight Order. In recent times, these two groups have begun to see eye-to-eye on a matter that relates to both of their specialties. In preparation for upcoming threats, the Riftstalkers and the Time Knights formed an alliance, and the demiplane called Viridia, has since been overhauled to accommodate the joint effort between the two factions. Their base of operations is now called Lumina.

Lumina, base of operations for the Riftstalkers


  • Verdant Ward : The current leader of the Riftstalker faction. They oversee major operations, maintain the faction's code of conduct and general direction, and handle the dispatching of major missions. Valus Oakheart (NPC) holds this position, and is the founder of the Riftstalkers. Valus Oakheart is said to be the strongest Riftstalker of the group, able to hold his own against multiple threats at once in battle.
  • Grand Seer : Advisors to the Prime Hunter. They assist with the major mission briefing, offer general advice and guidance, and are able to supervise others beneath their ranking. They are also very powerful warriors in their own respective right.
  • Riftstalker Elite : These are the commanders and elites in charge who take direct orders from the Verdant Ward himself. They are the elites among the Riftstalkers, and only the best of the best of members can rise up to elite status. A single Riftstalker Elite is a one man army. Not many of them exist, but those that do tend to be feared by most enemies. They are able to supervise lesser operations freely unless the Verdant Ward says otherwise.
  • Riftstalker : The standard members of the Riftstalker faction. Only those who have proven capable to hold their own in a fight without being dead weight in an adventuring group can become a fully fledged Riftstalker.
  • Novice : These are the basic recruits for the faction who have not completed their standard training as of yet to be qualified as a Riftstalker.

Code of Conduct

Riftstalkers have druidic and elemental roots. They have a strong respect for nature, and most who are druids or shifters maintain their druidic code of conduct. They praise elementals in high regard, and will never willingly attempt to destroy a non-hostile elemental, unless that elemental is somehow corrupted with no other choice but to put it down, though that would only be a last resort option. Being a mainly neutral good organization, they are expected to maintain good conduct as adventurers as well, and respect the boundaries of civilization.

Notable Members

  • Valus Oakheart : Verdant Ward, Founder and Leader of the Riftstalkers)
  • Master Rai : Grand Seer
  • Watson Valtier : Riftstalker Elite (Secondary Mission Supervisor)
  • Duncan Valtier : Riftstalker Elite (Secondary Mission Supervisor)
  • Jace Valtier : Riftstalker Elite (Secondary Mission Supervisor)
  • Iris : Riftstalker Elite (Supervisor of the Medical Bay)
  • Alessa : Riftstalker Elite (Supervisor of the Teleportation Chamber)
  • Sera Sage : Riftstalker Elite (Grandmaster of the Shield Sphere, Defense Specialist)