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The Scarlet Kingdom is a kingdom planned around giving freedom to those who are oppressed or suppressed, those who feel like they are not welcome anywhere else. Be they undead, demon, devil, giant, ogre, dragon, linnorm, kraken, mind flayer, et cetera, et cetera, they can find a home within this kingdom so long as they follow the laws as given, and respect general authority.

The breakage of laws, insubordination, treason, and general lack of all regards for others will be subject to harsh punishment of any form that is deemed necessary. Creatures that possess in intelligence are given freedom within the bounds of the Scarlet Kingdom, creatures that are considered mindless or otherwise act without direction are subject to individual scrutiny by the Scarlet Court.

The Scarlet Kingdom is a non-hostile, fully self preservation imposed kingdom with a base alignment of Neutral Evil, although since Cayden Blackmoore assumed leadership of the kingdom, it has opened up diplomatic talks across Siacros. We allow the acquisition and usage of the Undead within the kingdom as well, so long as it doesn't infringe upon individuals freedom.


The Scarlet Kingdom was originally founded by the Vampire King early in the stages of the discovery of the continent of Siacros, and is said to be among the oldest kingdoms on the continent. Although it had been closed off and isolated for a long time, with the absence of the Vampire King a new ruler had emerged and is slowly beginning to open up diplomatic talks. Due to the closed of nature of the kingdom before its current ruler, the Scarlet Kingdom has not been part of any historical events.


Located in the south west of Siacros, the Scarlet Kingdom is expanding across a series of isles almost polar in nature. Despite these conditions the land is covered in dense forests in adiition to impressive mountain ranges. Due to natural phenomenons, the central island seems to be somewhat warmer than the surrounding ones, being the only one that is not entirely covered in snow. That being said, temperatures in the Scarlet Kingdom are nonetheless considered low ranging from the highest measured temperature at 15°C in the summer, to the lowest measured temperature of -50°C in the winter and scientists sure that they can dip even lower.


The Heart

Being the founding city of the Scarlet Kingdom and its capital, The Heart is exactly what its name suggests. Located on the central island of the kingdom, this metropolis is the seat of the Scarlet Court as well as the heart to many operations.

Places of Interest

Twin Obelisks of Rithal

Although not fully investigated, these strange obelisks have been found within the borders of the Scarlet Kingdom. While their use is not known, many mages investigate the area all day and night.


While the Scarlet Kingdom does not maintain a standing army, it is said that in their time of need, hundred of Undead will rise from their graves to defend it. Laws are enforced not by the military, but by a force of Undead controlled by the Scarlet Court.


The promise of freedom for those not welcome anywhere else has attacted a plethora of different people over the course of the kingdoms life.

The Scarlet Court

Imperius Rex Cayden Blackmoore, Herald of Winter, General of the Undying Hordes (Ruler)

- (Ruler 2)

- (Consort)

Lady Cyna (Councilor)

His Majesty Thaddeus Scarlet, the Vampire King (General)

Lord Wengi (Grand Diplomat)

- (Heir)

Grand Duchess Prinzessin Saint Claire D'Sangria Von Elorainne De Lunaveil Azureleaf XVIII, the Sanguine Rose of Myrrh (High Priest)

Dual Role by Lady Glicerina (Magister)

Dual Role by His Majesty Scarlet (Marshal)

- (Royal Enforcer)

Lord Jacob "Death" Johnson (Spymaster)

Lord John (Treasurer)

- (Viceroy)

Lady Nitra Glicerina, the Nuclear Winter (Warden)

InDeapth Stats

Stats from Developing Fantastic Nations (Only to give some kind of idea about this nation, what it idealizes to be)

Acquisition of Abilities

Method of Acquisition Chance (Y/N)*
Aberration No
Forced Yes (1%)
Gifted Yes (6%)
Inherited Yes (5%)
Selected Yes (3.6%)
Taught Yes (8.9%)

- If Yes, then a % will follow to show what % chance it might occur within every %n of population

Attitude Towards Magic

Positive - The nation is generally positive towards magic and allows people to actively use it for business, et cetera. There may still be limitations on when and how people are allowed to use it.

Political Presence of Magic

Accepted - Mages are generally accepted throughout the government, and often for some positions in particular.

Behavior of Armed Forces

Following the Leader - The force (army) unquestionably obeys a single individual or institution, such as a King or a Church. They will do as their leader commands, and generally refuse to do anything else. In this Kingdom, they will follow the Leadership, by order of command.


Polar - Tundra

Common Classes

Class Category Chance (Y/N)*
Martial Classes Yes (42%)
Arcane Classes Yes (22%)
Divine Classes Yes (30%)
Mental Classes No
Nature Classes No
Occult Classes Yes (6%)
Unusual Classes No

- If Yes, then a % will follow to show what % chance it might occur within every %n of population


- Yet to be fully determined

Major Elements - Unholy Energy, Negative Energy

Minor Elements - Negative-Dominant (Negative Energy an all of its hybrids are available - Ash, Vacuum, Salt, Dust)

Rare Elements - Anarchic Hybrid (There is a chance that the Major Elements can combine with Anarchic elements, causing them to be Chaotic in nature)

Land Development Level

- Yet to be determined, as the kingdom is not fully created

Magic Level

High Magic - About 50% of the population has magic. 5% of the population has levels in PC classes. This is because of the Undead-dominant nature of the kingdom itself and what it hopes to achieve.

Magic Theme

Major Themes - Sphere Focused (Minor) (Death and Dark), and Elemental (Negative Energy)

Minor Themes - Arcane, Artistic, and Occult

Major Trait

Plane-Blessed - The nation has been blessed with the powers and energies of another plane (Negative Energy Plane).

Unusual Building Materials

- Yet to be determined

Unusual Method of Transportation

- Yet to be determined