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Most of The Teal Ripple’s history is not known. After the inauguration of Darrion Verk as the new reigning Emperor of the Verk Empire, more and more activity in the group has been seen. This isn’t to say that they are linked to the Verk Empire in any way, only that they have monopolized on the ensuing chaos of Etera’s order. Their actions do not align with any political power, and their goals are unknown. People of many backgrounds have joined their ranks, and the group has slowly become more powerful over the years that the new Emperor has ruled the Verk Empire.

Secrecy is the main uniting force of The Teal Ripple. Many members wear masks to hide their identities, and each member is responsible for creating their own mask when joining the group as well as maintaining it. Others rely on different techniques, such as simply ensuring there are no remaining witnesses, or wiping the enemy’s memories. Protecting their identities is of the utmost importance, and revealing it even to their own members is considered betraying The Teal Ripple.

Loyal Precepts:

The highest leaders in The Teal Ripple, the Loyal Precepts represent the strongest of their forces. Each Loyal Precept is known for having a specific desire that they strive for, and are allowed to work freely in The Teal Ripple to achieve it. Only three Loyal Precepts are currently known of, but other than their existence only their respective desires are known. They are masters of their own abilities, and have proven that countless times over. They each typically lead divisions of The Teal Ripple, but on occasion they will work independently from The Teal Ripple altogether. Despite their independent nature, The Loyal Precepts have a much closer bond to one another than the other members of the group.

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Not much information about the Loyal Precept Profit, aside from the fact that they are acting as an opposing force in Meita. After a group of adventurers sent out by Rebel Forces met with the town's mayor, Timora Pericol, he entrusted with them a sketch of what Profit looks like. His combat abilities, name, and face are not known.

The Organization’s Motives:

The Teal Ripple’s motivations as a group are unclear, but several motives within the group’s Loyal Precepts are known. Out of the known Loyal Precepts, their desires are profit, knowledge, and pain. Due to the secrecy of their identities, the Loyal Precepts are often referred to by their desires in place of their names.

Involvement in Meita:

The Teal Ripple is suspected of being in Meita currently. Based on the current knowledge about the organization, in all likelihood the Loyal Precept with the desire of profit is located there. The group has been seen actively participating in the black market trade, and supposedly the mayor has seen Profit’s appearance.

After rebel forces eliminated the black market group's presence in Meita, Profit was confirmed to be working inside Meita. Since then his whereabouts is unknown.