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Vinex is the Patron God of the Bloodzerkers, an entity that carved its name into the continent years before the Empire even began to rise. His Warrior Cult has rose and fallen throughout the centuries, always seeming to rise up again even when supposedly entirely eradicated.

He sits watching the endless battle in his realm atop the pile of corpses that his followers add to with each thing they slay. Always seeming to be bored yet satisfied with his work. Occasionally he will wave take notice of one of his living followers or sects of his cult and empower them to keep fighting even beyond what would normally kill them, only allowing them to die when their battle is done.

He is an isolated demigod, his realm only being accessible to those who actually die and end up there. Others find that it is entirely cut off from the tethers to other realms and planar travel there proves impossible. This is a double edged sword though as Vinex cannot leave his realm either or send whatever servitors he may have created out to do his work. All he can do is guide his cult through oracles and war prophets, occasionally giving them blessings as he slowly gathers more power from their bloodshed.


Chaos (Entropy), Evil (Corruption), War (Blood), and Strength (Ferocity).

Favored Weapon

Butchering Axe


Vinex is worshiped primarily by his Warrior Cult, the Blood Berserkers of War and Conflict, but several who revel in the bloodshed of battle also worship and revere him. Many who are about to go to a battle that is hopeless say a prayer to him before fighting to their death.


Vinex demands little from his worshipers. Just a prayer to him and an offering of blood in some fashion weekly. Either from their own flesh or the flesh of others. More frequent offerings are given more frequent blessings generally in the form of an Oath Boon after taking Oath of Sacrifice. Otherwise his worshipers are free to do what they want, potentially even ignoring his own Prophets and Oracles if they so choose, so long as a the end of the day they continue to spread conflict and bloodshed.

Mythic Patronage

Vinex does not allow anyone to use him as a patron for mythic power. If they cannot achieve results on their own, they are not worth granting power. Those who travel down the mythic path are more likely to achieve the greatest feat within the religion: Attempting to defeat and take the place of Vinex as the new Blood God.

Realm: The Blood Marsh

Vinex's realm appears to have once been a field with a hill at the center. It has since been flooded with blood and corpses, turning it into a marsh of blood, with the hill at the center now continuously growing as more bodies are added to it. Everywhere that can be seen are worshipers fighting who then die, but only for a time as they eventually get back up and continue the eternal fight in the Bloodied Wastes of this horrid realm. Vinex sits on a throne atop the hill of bodies, constantly watching his dead followers battle each other.

Ascension Rite

Many of those who worship Vinex have a priority goal in mind. Get stronger and challenge the God to take his place atop the hill of corpses. This Rite seems to have been woven into the very essence of his Realm and Being so that if it is not fulfilled, Vinex may never die. Not even another god could kill him permanently without taking his place as the new Blood God. This is due to the nature of Vinex, how his being is not of this world and constantly is ripped apart and scattered across the multiverse. Only in Babel can he have a presence now, as it is a convergence of many worlds.