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In the divide of the Aethernar Mountains lie a luscious dip of vibrant wildlife. These woodlands are highly coveted and admired by the nobles of the Empire, but they are haunted by infamous rumors. Traders and soldiers alike spread tales of the trees talking, and many who dare wander into the valley pass disappear as though they never existed at all.


Traveling near the Vale has shown signs of life flourishing into unnatural measures. The trees thickening and rising up as towers into the sky and flowers that bloom no matter the weather with rich and colorful petals. Wildlife from all over the continent of Eterna seem to flock around the mountain valley, and thrive as they grow into creatures of unfathomable sizes.

Further into the expanse the wildlife grows thicker, and vines draping the trees appear to block the pathways. Roads once constructed quickly claimed by wildlife as roots and grass destroy any trace of mankind. Tiny waterfalls can be found where the water is pristine and clear, some calling the flavor a magical experience. 

On account of the most experienced travelers that manage to survive the trek through the Vale have said that the air grows cool to the skin, and the zephyrs bring a higher sense of peace. The very wildlife appear to grow beyond the comprehension of man, and no single traveler can recount a similar experience of how the wildlife shifts and changes rapidly in the Vale. Researchers have made it a high priority to discover the secrets of the Vale, but the task feels impossible.


There once a tale about an entire battalion of Empire soldiers who marched into the Whispering Vale. Not even a day later, they retreated from the woodlands as half their men disappeared into the night. No trace of their bodies ever found.

Traders spread stories about the trees talking in a strange language unknown to them. They say the whispers of the forest match the majestic beauty of the land. Comparing it to their very souls being cleansed by the forests. Many refuse to use the mountain pass without the accompany of a renowned traveler to lead them through the vale. 

Children who lived near the Whispering Vale tell stories of seeing balls of bright light dancing throughout the forests. A gentle breeze following their wake and the giggles of unknown creatures.

Botanists claim that the Vale holds herbs that create the most potent of salves and potions. Though gathering them seem impossible because of the unknown nature the Vale behaves.