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The Winter Court is a term used to describe a group of dark fey who live under Queen Mab, one of the Fey Eldest. Though an evil being by nature, the Winter Court tends to prefer focusing on trickery and other clever methods of defeating their adversaries. The Winter Court lies in direct opposition of the Summer Court which, while typically viewed as being the "good fey," can be just as dangerous to mortals if the Winter Court were to ever be destroyed.

Due to the union of the Winter Lady Mara and the WInter Lady Tara, the Winter Court is no more and has been replaced by the united Court of Seasons.


The Court of the Dark Fey is made up of bards, witches, and fey adepts who are generally only evoked for malicious reasons. Though they are not evil in the same sense as fiends and other entities, they can be malicious, cruel, petty, and spiteful. As Queen of the Dark Fey, Mab herself embodies all of these traits. The Fey Lords are, often begrudgingly, respected by all, as they are the deities most likely to take offense to mortal slights.

Despite her power and the prestige of her position, Queen Mab enjoys bending men to her will. It is said that many of the stories and songs passed around by bards about the beautiful women they have come across in their travels are mistakenly about the Queen of the Dark fey herself. Sometimes she lures men to her under the guise of a mortal, convincing young wanderers that they have found the woman of their dreams in some faraway land. Other times she appears in all of her glory, drawing in men with a display of her power. While Mab can resort to magic and other methods of forcing men to fall for her, she finds it most enjoyable when their love and longing for her is genuine, as it makes taking advantage of them that much more enjoyable.

However, Mab does this for more than her pleasure. It is well known that the Dark Fey has a treaty with Hell itself that requires the payment of a tithe of mortal souls every 7 years. These mortal souls generally come from the men Mab has drawn to her as her mortal lovers.

Winter and Summer

The Winter and Summer courts of fey are in perpetual conflict with one another. Their hatred for one another lacks reason and is more a matter of instinct: so long as one exists, they will desire that the other is destroyed. The Winter Court is generally associated with cold and evil actions, while the summer court is generally associated with warmth and good. Both enjoy trickery and like making deals (which only seem fair on the surface).

Unbeknownst to either party, the conflict between Winter and Summer has a direct conflict on the climate of the mortal world. Should either side dominate the other, then the planet will either become colder or warmer depending. Both Courts are also a mirror of one another, with beings filling similar roles on both sides (i.e. both have a Queen, a Knight, and so on).

Queen Mab

Queen Mab is a being who, on the surface, acts as a display of dominance and power. With a crown of ice upon her head and long stiletto heels, Queen Mab presents herself as a dominant queen, though in combat she tends to prefer to rely on trickery and other techniques. Queen Mab has begun to take an interest in the realm of mortals, though, at this time, the reasons for this are unknown.

Winter Lady Mara


Queen Mab's eldest and more rebellious daughter. As the Winter Lady, Mara's primary goal is to spread the influence and might of the Winter Court...however, in truth, she is a young woman eager to explore the world and express herself. She prefers the company of women and enjoys putting them into combat with one another.

Winter Girl Mai


Queen Mab's youngest daughter. The Winter Girl, much like her sisters, is capable of unleashing power the likes of which she has not come to fully understand. She is more truthful and innocent than her kin, having yet to master the trickery and other forms of deception that Fey prefers. Enjoys building snowmen and tea parties.

Winter Knight

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A mortal man granted power by Mab. His true origin is a mystery. Was he a powerful warrior who drew the misfortune of drawing the Winter Court's attention? Was he one of Mab's overs who failed to live up to his end of a bargain? Either way, he now serves as the bodyguard for the women of the Winter Court, and their most powerful warrior. Unlike the other fey, he relies on more brute force methods, and powerful ice magic, to decimate his foes.

Snow Sprite

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A mischievous and adorable snowman-like being from the Winter Court who often asks as a scout when one of his masters sends him to the realm of mortals. Enjoys making deals. No matter how much you think you understand the deal or feel you are coming out on top, chances are you've been bamboozled.